You Should Know How Laundry Companies Wash Their Customer’s Clothes

How to wash the laundry style is actually no different from the way you wash at home provided you have a washing machine that works properly and you understand some basic rules when washing. Laundry is a service that is very profitable especially for those of you who are busy and do not have enough time to care for your clothes. Of course, it’s fun when you arrive at home after a tiring day at work, clothes that were piled up dirty, after being delivered back by the laundry service to be neat, clean and fragrant. The clothes are ready to use whenever you need them. Of course, the more quality laundry service is, the more expensive you have to spend. So if for reasons of frugality there’s no harm in learning how to wash the correct laundry style. Aside from that, you may need an excellent industrial washing machine from GEMLSA if you wish to accept laundry orders from hotels around your area.

Certainly, there is something missing when you try to wash, whether it’s less clean or less fragrant. Here are some tips that you can apply if you want the best results:

Before washing clothes, of course, separate colored clothes and white clothes first.

Before the washing process starts, you should first soak clothes for about 10 minutes. Do not be too long.

After that set the water temperature according to your needs and start the washing process by adding detergent. We recommend using a gentle detergent.

Insert into the drying machine before the rinsing process to remove the remnants of soap that is still in the fabric fibers.

After that the rinsing process is carried out as needed, ie if when the first rinsing process the rinse water still looks cloudy then repeat step number four and rinse again until it is completely clean.

If it’s completely clean, do the last rinse by adding softener liquid and clothes fragrance. This process does not need to take just 5 minutes. Then put it back in the drying machine.

When the drying process is not placed in a place that is exposed to direct sunlight because the fragrance and softener of the clothes that you added will be in vain because it will vaporize.

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