Why should you switch over from Whatsapp to Whatsapp Plus

Recently there have been many talks about the new release of the application called WhatsApp Plus. It is the modified version of the application called WhatsApp with few additional features added. One should be aware of the features available in https://wpplus2019.xyz/ to make a decision about whether they should switch or not.

When you are intending to use this application, you would be required to remove the original WhatsApp. This would require thorough information about the features which they provide to identify whether you should make a switch. WhatsApp Plus 2019 is mainly created by a Swedish Developer during the year of 2012 and is a freeware. You can easily download the application from the original website of the application.

There are a few of the reasons why one should switch to WhatsApp Plus. Each of these reasons is mainly related to the additional features which are added to the new application. We will be going through various additional features which you can use in this new application.

Visual Themes: The new application is providing with visual themes. It is having a number of visual themes available in the application. All these themes are capable of changing the complete layout and the appearance of the application. Unlike normal WhatsApp, it won’t only change the chat background but also the appearance. This would include the colour of the bar and texts, the bottom of the contact list, and more. About 700 themes are available in the application which can be sorted by means of date, version, name, and downloads.

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