Why Do People Who Are Anxious Like Horror Films?

Watching a horror movie often scares you and many people. However, according to experts, watching a movie can be a therapy for stress relief. It also happens to some people who have anxiety disorders. How could that be? Didn’t you feel even more anxious to think as if a scene in a movie could occur in the real world? You can find out by trying to watch horror films on gostream because there are many choices of the latest horror films that you can enjoy useful site.

Watching a horror movie diverts anxiety
Feelings of anxiety and fear that arise when watching a horror movie are often disturbing because they can continue to haunt the mind even though the film is over. However, for some people with anxiety disorders, watching a horror movie can be very enjoyable. Why?

Anxiety disorders usually make a person constantly worrying about many things at one time. For example, problems in the scope of work, family, love relationships, health, finance, and many more; starting from things that have happened in the past or worrying about the future.

No doubt all of these worries can make you unable to enjoy the day. Now, watching a horror movie can be one way to distract.

Your mind can focus on the storyline when watching a horror movie rather than the things that make you worry. That is, you can “run away” for a moment from problems or various aspects of life that make you feel anxious.

Anxiety due to watching a horror movie is easier to control
In contrast to excessive anxiety which is a symptom of anxiety disorders, anxiety when watching a horror movie can be more easily controlled with the conscious mind. For example by closing your eyes or closing your ears when there are scary scenes.

Meanwhile, excessive anxiety due to anxiety disorder is quite difficult to quickly overcome or control because all the sensations come from your subconscious. Even someone with anxiety disorders may never know what makes them easy to worry about.

When watching a horror movie, people with anxiety disorders realize that a horror movie is only fiction and all the scenes in the film will not happen in real life. Therefore, instead of avoiding horror films, some people who suffer from anxiety disorders enjoy it.

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