What Kind of Wooden Tools Are Important For Me?

1. Miter Saw
Clearly, this tool is quite often I use, especially if I’m dealing with wooden beams or long planks that must be cut sloping or should be cut quickly. There are 2 types of Miter Saw is the most common in the market, namely Sliding Miter Saw which can cut more width and Miter Saw standard.

2. Nail Gun
This tool helps me in the assembly process especially to lock the wood at the time of gluing so that the wood does not run when it will be clamped at the same time give pressure to make wood stick stronger. A lot of the best nail gun is usually use air, so you need a compressor to use it. There is also the use of electricity as I have, more simple use, it’s just that, the electricity used is quite large.

3. Planer & Thicknesses
For those who often use hardwood materials, this tool is very important, because of my experience, I have never obtained a straight wood and elbow from a wooden shop, yes except the message on the framework. Actually, that really has a jointer and thicknesses, but because I do not have a jointer, so sometimes that is used yes power planer engine or use thicknesses as a jointer.

4. Router & Trimmer
Trimmers may be the ones I use more often than routers because they often make edge banding and face frames for cabinets. While the router I only use to create dado, rabbet and other connection models. There is a plan to make the table own router but the time has not met fit and mood. <.

5. Drill Press
This drill usually I use to make big holes only or holes that require precision, for example, to make a hole in the middle. Although I rarely use it, I think this machine including one machine is very helpful in the work of the work.

6. Jig Saw
Not all materials are cut straight and elbow, well this machine I use to cut parts that cannot be cut with other machines such as making curves or pieces of free-hand. At the beginning of my hobby of wood, this tool became my first choice for cutting machine, because, in addition to cheap, this tool can also cut with great precision.

7. Circular Saw
Usually, before the material I cut with a table saw, I cut it first with this machine, and to make it easier and then I cut to size with a table saw. This wooden tool helps to cut, especially if we often use plywood or MDF, and this machine can also be used or made a table saw.

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