Understanding The Eco-Friendly Coffee Filter

The earth is getting hotter, uncertain climate, the universe is starting to want to be noticed. Yes, these kinds of things make us begin to look at eco-friendly lifestyles. Even in the matter good life coffee of fresh roasted coffee.

Nevertheless, is it true that we can leave this eco-friendliness behind? Then gradually encourage a zero wasting life that is needed by the earth a little? Before widening everywhere, let’s just crush this matter in our coffee business. Every morning we have contributed one or two things that were discarded: coffee grounds and paper filters.

Relax, and don’t feel panic yet! It turns out that coffee pulp can be ‘recycled’ into many things. Room deodorizer, body scrub or whatever. Even the same as paper filters that are even used more than once. Then what if you are too lazy to work with these two things? Chill. Because the good news is that these two things can be merged into compost. Composting turns out to mention that coffee pulp and paper filters can be decomposed by soil and other microorganisms. So we are safe and don’t need to divorce paper filters. Yay!

However, if you want more eco, you should use a filter that can be used many times. Like a cloth filter, a coffee filter made of special cloth that has been used for a long time by ancestors. And if you want a taste that is more body with a ‘unique’ aroma, there is a metal filter launched by various big brands in the coffee industry. These two coffee filters are the solution to not ‘throw away’ the coffee filter. Although some people object to the price that is not cheap (especially metal filters), this is a long-term investment that is quite worth it.

Then what if you really can’t get divorced from the paper filter and are lazy to recycle it with the composting? So I suggest using a brown paper filter or also called unbleached paper filter. Although the scent of the paper is sharper than the bleached paper filter, the production process does not use bleach (which is safe for coffee) and other things involved.

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