Tips on Caring and Maintaining the Sliding door at Your Home

Generally speaking, the sliding door is the type of door most often used, especially for a garage or front gate of a house. Usually, a door like this is installed with a track so that it can be shifted in two directions. If you don’t understand how to properly care for double barn door hardware, you can easily slide doors in your house. The use and installation of the sliding door seem like the popular choice for many people. For this reason, on this occasion, we will discuss a few tips on how to care for sliding doors to last a long time.

Caring for the Sliding Doors so as not to be noisy

Another problem that is no less annoying when using a sliding door is the friction that sometimes makes noise. This can happen if you open and close the door not carefully, and for a long time can cause damage. To overcome this problem, you can install a foam stand that is glued to the edges of the door. It aims to reduce the potential for damage to the door frame.

Paint Iron Sliding Doors

Generally, the sliding door located at the gate of the house is made of iron material that is easily corroded. So if you don’t want your home’s sliding door to rust, coat it with stainless paint. Especially if the paint has been peeled off, you should repaint immediately before the iron rusts.

Caring for Wooden Sliding Doors

For sliding doors with wood material, preferably when buying, choose teak wood which has more tight pores. Teak wood is also not liked by termites so that the sliding door of your house is not quickly damaged by termites. In addition, just use the bottom railing, because if you use a railing over a wooden sliding door it will be easily damaged.

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