Three Types of General Knife

If you like to cook, must have been familiar with the name of a knife. But, is it appropriate that the knife you use to cut different types of food. You might think it’s a little trivial, but in order not to spend too much time cooking, it’s good to know the type of knife and its function. You can visit our website and get the best knife because there is no other knife like this Chef knife.

There are three types of knives that are commonly used in cooking activities.

– 8-inch chef knife

The striking display is of great size. This knife includes a versatile knife, almost suitable for cutting all types of foodstuffs, ranging from slicing meat to cut vegetables. Tips for choosing a good eight-inch blade is a full-length plier, one side of a metal-filled knife with two handles on the side. This type is more balanced, strong, and durable than the half-tang model. Another good chef knife is made of a piece of steel that is forged, heated, and knocked into the desired shape. Another option is a stamped knife, which is cut from large steel sheets and usually lighter.

– Knife size three to four inches

This knife is best suited for peeling the skin, chopping garlic, chopping strawberries, or peeling other fruits and vegetables. It does not take much time to choose which one is best for this type of knife. Because of its small size and cheaper, if it is not sharp anymore, you can buy a new one.

– 10-inch toothed blade

This type of knife is better known as a bread knife. This blade has a saw appearance that resembles a saw. Large size is usually to cut bread, but also suitable for cutting cakes and fruits and vegetables with smooth skin such as tomatoes. How to choose a good type of knife? Do not choose too thin. Note the size of the serrations, do not choose too big so it can tear bread or cake.

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