This Is What Makes Money Games and Multi Level Marketing Different

In a business, of course you can’t get large amounts of money with just a short time. Maybe you’ve heard that multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses promise that. In fact, whatever the business, you certainly have to work harder in getting money. Learn and find out more about fintegri reviews and you will understand how a business works.

Unfortunately, many people think that the MLM business is the same as money games. In fact, there are many differences between the two, one of the obvious differences is the workings of these two things. The following are the differences in the way they work.

1. – How MLM works: MLM members are often referred to as consultants or contractors and distributors (different companies call it different). You can make money by selling products to other multilevel marketing participants. If they are not yet members of your MLM company, you will register them.
In addition to making money from your own sales, you also get a percentage of the revenue generated by the distributor you bring to your program (downline). Often there is a bonus for selling certain products or registering a number of new members.
– How the money game works: While the money game, at a glance, is similar to the MLM work system. However, if further investigated, the business is only looking for new members to be offered investment schemes or others. Incoming funds are used to provide benefits or benefits for members who register first and it always continues.

2. The money game scheme has only one goal
The big difference between multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes is the way the business operates. The whole purpose of the money game scheme is to get your money and then use you to recruit other victims.
Unlike the case with the MLM goal, which moves/sells products. Multi-level marketing is always trying to find the other member to increase the selling.

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