This is the Risk of Rising And Downing The Stairs You Need To Know Well

Climbing and descending stairs is indeed an easy activity for many people, but not for those who are old enough. This activity will be very difficult for parents to do. Their mobility is certainly no longer as easy as before. For this reason, the Stairlift Rental will help you to have a stairlift so they no longer need to climb and descend the stairs themselves.

Stairlift also reduces the risk of danger that can occur in older people. Climbing and going down the stairs also turns out to have various health risks that you should know. Did you know, if we climb the stairs, the burden on the knee to support the body will increase by 2.5 times? This increase in burden ultimately makes the activity of going up the stairs very tiring. Conversely, the activity of going down the stairs can make the addition of the burden on the knee to 3.5 times to be heavier. This increasingly heavy load will make the knee more at risk of experiencing early calcification and damage to the cartilage because of the excessive movement of the knee joint. Kneecap will also tend to be more easily damaged.

Both those who are normal or overweight have the same risk of getting knee damage if they often go up and down stairs. To avoid this, health experts say if we should start lowering the burden on the knee by climbing the stairs by holding on to the side of the stairs. Although it looks trivial, this can actually reduce the risk of significant injury to the knee. If only young people climb stairs have a risk that is quite risky, especially for parents? This will certainly make it difficult for them.

For that, the stairlift will greatly help parents to be able to climb and descend stairs without feeling afraid of falling or can also interfere with their health. Choose the right stairlift and good quality.

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