These Are Some Things That Affect Turntable Quality

To play music or listen to songs, in addition to using speakers or dvd players, now you also can still use LPs and play them through the right turntables. Until now, there are still many people who use turntables to listen to songs. For this reason, choosing the right turntable is something that must be done. In fact, now, there are speakers that can be connected with the turntables you use. You can use powered speakers for turntable for better sound quality.

You also need to know that there are a number of things that really affect the performance of the turntable itself. Some things that affect usually are mass, rigid, the material used, the motor with constant rotation and the ability to isolate the vibrations that appear. Some more complete explanations are

1. Mass
For the initial stage, the most important thing is mass, because the more massive the mass, then the turntables will be more resistant and more resistant to vibrations from external origin or resistance to resonance. That is why when you tap the bottom of the turntable you will hear the beat in the load speaker.

2. Material used
This material problem is also very important. The material used in the turntable clearly affects the sound that will come out of the turntable. For plinth, materials such as Multi-Density Fiber (MDF), for example, wood, stone or acrylic are good enough to use. As for the platter, m is usually made from MDF such as acrylic, aluminum or glass.

3. Motor
The indigo motor rotates in a constant manner, of course, you can imagine that the sound is very unpleasant to hear. That is why the stability of motor rotation is very important. Motor certainly must be able to overcome the rise or fall of the voltage or frequency of electricity in your home.

4. Isolation
Turntable insulation capability is closely assembled with the material used. Good material has the ability to prevent resonance and the vibration of re-entry into the needle.

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