The Long Process Of Concrete Panel Fence Installation

The concrete panel fence is one of the Precast concrete products that are printed at a special factory using certain materials. Later the panels will be attached to aside. The long installation process on a concrete panel fence can be done as long as the steps are by the procedure. However, you can choose to go to concrete foundation companies company if you only need simple temporary fences to guard your construction site.

This is the procedure for it:

Calculating Column Pole Points

The first step that you should apply to the concrete panel fence installation method is to make a low plank to measure column placement. The distance in this measurement must be based on the length of the panel to be installed. So that the column points used are multiples.

Excavation Against Concrete Fence Column Pole

The process of calculating the size of the point in which the column is determined based on the building to be made, then the next step is to make excavation at that point by standard procedures set by the producer or factory. A precast concrete fence is structurally sufficient to allocate only 30 cm as diameter with a depth level of 50 cm.

Foundation Installation

The next step that you shouldn’t miss is making and installing a foundation using the Casting method. As for several other ways, which is by placing it in the middle so that it is embedded in the column hole of the precast concrete panel.

Concrete Column Pole Installation Process

The most common installation or installation on concrete column posts is to use panels that are already distributed on-site that is lifted manually or several special tools to make the process easier. In general, metal is only provided with angles so that the column can be placed correctly in the center when inserted.

Installation of Concrete Panel Leaves

Installation of concrete panels is done without using special tools or done manually. The concrete panel is placed on one side of the column which is physically similar to the L shape.

Grouting and Coating

If all the parts in the above steps have been completed, then the last step you have to do is to layer some parts that need to be refined.

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