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You Must Know This Before Recruiting Contract Employees

New employees will certainly go through many stages before being officially accepted as an employee at your company. Complex recruitment procedures make almost all new employees will be eager to sign employee contracts. How not, of the hundreds or thousands of prospective employees, in the end only a few employees were accepted, especially if it is associated with the phenomenon of the proliferation of productive age at this time, competition for work becomes more competitive. Furthermore, you also need to exclude those with criminal records in the recruitment process, and you can use the online police check service to see their backgrounds.

Although in euphoria they have been hired, they must first pay attention to the employment contract before it is signed. You as HR have a duty to give orientation to new employees. Including making sure they fully understand the contents of the work contract to be signed. Given the provisions of the contract, employees are no less complicated than permanent employees. This will be very beneficial, both for the company and for contract employees themselves who live it. So you have to make sure they get their rights before signing a work contract.

The most basic thing about the status of contract employees is their working period which is different from permanent employees. An employee employment contract with contract status has provisions that limit their service period. These employees must understand that contract employees have a maximum service period in accordance with legal regulations in their country.

If they understand the basic provisions, they will also become company supervisors in making contract policies and other regulations. So that there are no more company deviations regarding the extension of the work period arbitrarily to employees. Your employees will also see that the company is very concerned about their employees, despite their contractual work status.

Contract employees also have the right to know and understand the duties and work they will get before signing the contract. Job descriptions must be clear and have no other intentions whose understanding has the potential to trigger conflict due to unequal interpretation. By knowing the type of work clearly, employees can prepare their ability to do these tasks. So that adaptation to the new work environment will also run faster.

Shaving Tips For Men with Acne

Brushing hair on the face is a common thing for men. In addition to health reasons, facial hair brushing is also associated with aesthetics. Maybe shaving activities will run safely only for men who have no problems on the face. But for men who have acne facial skin, there may be a bit of a constraint. To get the best shaving cream, you can visit ageless man.

Many men spend at least one day a week shaving their beards. This is because many men who feel the hair on his face is growing uncontrollably. For some cultures, having a long or bushy beard is a sign of wisdom and all things related to masculinity.

Every man has different levels of growth, thickness, color, and shape of the beard because it is strongly influenced by one’s genetic factors. Beards became popular in the 60s, but lately, people prefer to have clean-looking faces from hairs.Here, facial haircut tips for men who have acne skin problems.

Use exfoliator
Exfoliator is a scrub that helps exfoliate dead skin. So before shaving, use an exfoliator to reduce inflammation due to acne so that shaving is easier.

Use pre-shave oil
Using oil is used to facilitate the razor glides on the surface of the facial skin. In addition, pre-shave oil is also equipped with essential oils are antiseptic so help skin facial health.

Shaving gel
Use shaving gel when you will shave, leave to finish shaving and rinse with water. Shaving gel can leave a residue on the skin, even after you shave because it contains essential oils.

Dampen face
After you have finished shaving and bathing, do not forget to moisturize your skin to stay healthy.

Right time
The best time to shave is after bathing. Because after bathing is when your skin is warm and soft.