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When you don’t have an umbrella or a raincoat during a rain

At certain moments that require us to move outdoors, of course, we usually do not expect rain. Heavy rain or heavy rain will definitely hamper the activity of the work we are doing a long time can be briefly and can also long hours. For that needed special ways to rainwater can not maximally wet your body, so you can continue your activities in the atmosphere of drizzling rain or swift. In the meantime, you can check out Temora Weather to know the weather prediction in your town.

Here are some tips on how to ward off the rain (rejecting the water) to keep you from getting wet for those of you who do not know yet:

1. Borrow umbrella or raincoat from others, or simply walk with them

The most effective way if we do not have anything we can please help others to lend an umbrella or any other rainwater deterrent. Or we can also join other people who go in the same direction with us with a big umbrella or raincoat.

2. Using Plastic

You can carry large sheets of plastic to use when it rains, but it will be very difficult to hold and both hands are also not free to move.

3. Using Fresh Banana Leaves

People in the village that still many banana trees around him usually if not carry umbrella will find a banana tree and cut the banana leaf bark that large size for the leaves is used in the case of warding rainwater is going down. Can also use taro leaf, but look for big leaves wide and the condition is still good.

4. Utilizing Lightweight Waterproof Objects

Objects such as plastic folders, water bags, thick cardboard, zinc, buckets, tubs, frying pans, pans, etc. can also help you avoid rain in the rain around your surroundings as long as you are not a shy person or an aggrieved person.