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When you’re going to open a small coffee shop

Opening a simple coffee shop fairly difficult-easy, just need to enjoy the process then emerged the ease of the process of development. In the coffee shop business, determining the basic concept must be thought of from the beginning. What else for us who do not have the land to be a place to build a coffee shop. Renting land should also be a consideration, as the cost of rent will go in venture capital. In the meantime, you may go to CoffeeGearSpy.com to find the excellent espresso machines online.

Consider how our coffee shop concept works, whether it is stall-shaped or cart-shaped, and how the service of coffee shops should also be determined. A small coffee shop is supposed to serve a coffee buyer who wants to take away, but that does not mean a small coffee shop only serves to take away as a whole, providing at least 1 coffee table for those who want to enjoy coffee in the shop no harm.

With the concept of a coffee cart, it may be a question of where the flow of electricity to make coffee. In general, those who choose the concept of a coffee cart will rent a source of electricity from homeowners where they rent the land to sell coffee. However, if you do not want to use electricity you can use a gas stove to heat the steeping water, and there are even some appropriate free electrical espresso machines, such as Flair Espresso, Rok Presso, and Bellman Stove Top to make the steam.

Whatever the concept of coffee shops, kiosks or carts, putting a coffee table should see if there is enough space to place tables and chairs. Some coffee shop owners who use the bar to be used as a seat, in order to save the use of space so there is still plenty of space for visitors to queue or wait for orders to take away.