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Tips for buying the best gold jewelry

There are times when women want to enhance their appearance by buying gold jewelry. now many choices of products and places to get the best quality gold jewelry. If a beautiful ring is your choice, pay attention to some important factors that must be considered before deciding to buy the jewelry, especially if it’s for a very important thing like an investment or also for the engagement rings.

What is the gold rust level?

The count of rust in gold is a number that shows how much part of pure gold from the total 24 carats contained in a jewelry. For example, 10-carat gold means it contains about 42% gold (10 divided by 24), and the rest of the content is nickel, zinc, iron etc.

As is known that the higher the level of rust of a jewelry, the more expensive it is. So consider the price when choosing a rust calculation for your jewelry. However, there are other things that must be seen as well, namely their resilience. Pure gold is very soft, the lower the rust content of the jewelry, the product will be harder and longer lasting.

Does gold jewelry contain Nickel?

Nickel is a metal content that is commonly mixed to make gold jewelry. however, this Nickel causes rashes on the skin if people have allergies to certain types of metals. If you have allergies like that then don’t buy 10-carat gold jewelry because the nickel concentration in it is too high. it’s better to choose one that is bad, though sometimes it causes allergies too.

Better solid or gold plated gold?

Not all gold jewelry is made entirely of gold. some are only coated with gold and below the layer is iron or other types of metal.

Gold plated is usually cheaper than jewelry from solid gold. This layer will fade with time, depending on how often the jewelry is worn. In general, consider buying gold-plated jewelry if you use it occasionally, if not so it won’t last long. If you are allergic to Nickel, make sure the type of metal below the layer does not contain Nickel. The best advice, if you want to choose a ring, it’s better to buy a ring made of solid gold because it will last longer.