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Tricks to keep your body healthy despite your smoking habit

Basically, cigarettes whose main ingredient is tobacco contains some substances that can harm the body. The most commonly known substance is nicotine. Nicotine itself is an alkaloid compound (a substance based on nitrogen atoms). Nicotine is actually located on the root of tobacco, but on tobacco leaves can be found 0.6 – 3% of the weight of tobacco. The danger of nicotine can increase the risk of heart attack because the toxic substances contained in nicotine can harden the arteries as well as the accumulation of fat in the arteries of the heart. Nicotine contained in cigarettes only takes 7 seconds to spread throughout the body and get to the heart. In the meantime, you can check out the cheap bongs under $100 if you love to smoke with the water filter.

Therefore it is better if smoking activities should be stopped immediately. If it can not be stopped quickly, there are some solutions for smokers to stay healthy. Here are some tips for smokers:

Omega 3

Expand consume foods that contain omega 3. Omega 3 can function improve lung function. This is evidenced by the decrease in serum, lender levels in the lungs and improvement in patients with chronic lung symptoms. Foods that contain lots of omega 3 include beans (red beans, green beans), seafood (salmon, anchovies, groupers, shrimp, crabs, shellfish) and green vegetables.


Expand consumer products made from soybeans such as tempeh, tofu, and soy milk. Many consume foods and beverages from soy can improve lung function and reduce the risk of shortness of breath. Researchers from Japan found that the flavonoid content contained in soy foods can function as an anti-inflammation in the lungs and can protect the lungs from tobacco that can cause cancer.


Consuming a lot of antioxidants will help you clean your lungs. Antioxidants can be obtained from fruits and vegetables, for example, apples, broccoli, carrots, beets and so forth. In a study of people who consumed 5 apples a week the lungs function better than those that are not at all.