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Tips to Pass Australian IELTS Test

When you apply for an Australian visa, you need to demonstrate good listening skills in English. IELTS is generally used to measure the English proficiency of the applicant. Good listening skills are required for those of you who plan to apply for a working visa to Australia. Not only Australian work visas, but this test is also very important for the needs of Migration Australia. Here are tips that we can give for you who will face the IELTS exam. You may have heard that the most important thing is doing the exercises, but there are other things you need to consider in the IELTS listening test; Try to read before you listen – your prediction, this section can be the hardest part of the IELTS exam, as you not only need to hear but also read the questions and write answers at the same time. A small suggestion that you can do is you should read the problem before listening to the talk being played. It will be quite difficult, but it will help you predict and find answers to the questions you are working on.

Listening is going to be quite difficult because sometimes the answers will be missed very quickly. It may not matter if you answer one question wrong, but what if you are looking at and answering question number 10 and then the conversation that goes into the answer number 12 and then you do not know you will answer what number. Sometimes examinees leave their answers empty until the end and try to reply by recalling the answers they’ve got. But unfortunately, this way will not be effective, because you will have a lot of information and distress in remembering. After listening try to directly write down your answer before going into the following question.

Understand that you do not have to write down everything you listen to during the exam. You will have 10 minutes to write all your responses on the response sheet. So you need to learn how to write the key points of what you listen so you can remember what the conversation you have been listening to, except in part 1. In part 1, you need to write it whole as you need to answer in detail that you do.