Some Microbiology Lab Equipment Pieces That You Must Know

Microbiology laboratory equipment has certain specifications, in accordance with the basic basis of microbiological examinations such as sterilization, incubation, inoculation, and others. Microbiology laboratory equipment, of course, of course, must be in a sterile state, to prevent contamination from other microorganisms, which will cause interference during the process of identifying types of microorganisms. In the meantime, check Quimirel for the best pieces of microbiology lab equipment.

In this article, we will provide information regarding Microbiology laboratory equipment and their functions.

Sterilization tool

As explained earlier, most microbiology laboratory equipment must be able to be sterilized, or if it is not possible, then the tool is of course only disposable.

In the sterilization process, we know there are two terms of sterilization, namely Wet Sterilization and Dry Sterilization.


An oven is a heating device that is used to sterilize microbiology laboratory equipment.

The oven performs sterilization by propagating the heating temperature on the air to the laboratory equipment in the hope that the microorganisms in the laboratory equipment that is to be used are destroyed so as not to disturb the inspection.

The process needed for one sterilization using the oven is about 2 hours at a temperature of 160 – 170 ° C.

Tools that are inserted into the oven usually wrapped first using a newspaper or paper thin, so that heat does not directly touch the surface of the tool.

Inoculation tool

After the tool that will be used is sterile, we can only use it for inoculation of the samples we will identify.

In the process of inoculation, of course, there are many tools involved, but some of them are required equipment in this process, namely Glass Equipment, Ose (Inoculation Loops), Laminar Air Flow or Bio Safety Cabinet, and Incubator.

Glass Equipment

Glass equipment that is used includes the Petri Dish, the Screwed Tube, the Reaction Tube, Erlenmeyer.

Petri Dish / Petri Dish functions as a medium for inoculating microorganisms, generally the media used is agar media.

Screwed Tubes have various functions including identification of bacterial biochemistry or containers that accommodate microorganism suspensions.

Erlenmeyer serves to pour the medium into the Petri dish.

Inoculation Loops

It is used to taking suspensions or colonies of other bacteria/microorganisms and move them from one place to another.

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