Seizing the Heart of Women Who Have Got Boyfriend, Is It Possible?

Generally, men think women dreams as a prey. They work hard to reach the love of the idol of the heart until it can. Either does through chat rooms or directly. But what if the woman already has a boyfriend? Want to back off, or move on?

There are some men who choose to surrender and retreat. But there are also unyielding. For those men who are determined to pursue their dream woman, you must realize that usually, women will be difficult to glance at another man if her heart has anchored. Only if she is unhappy, then you may still have a chance to attract her sympathy.

Remember also she will not fall in love with you unless you prove yourself better than her boyfriend in all aspects. Try to be her best friend and do not rush to force her to be her lover. Here are the stages to open up opportunities for women who already have lovers lured to you!

1. Introspection
Ask yourself, “Am I better than her lover?” If yes, then you have a chance. But if the answer is no, just stop your desire to approach let alone have it.

2. Express the affection
Have you ever had the chance to drive him home? Have you ever helped her do something, or give her a gift? That’s the best way to show your affection for him. Make her always comfortable while being with you.

3. Take a chance
Take advantage of the opportunity when the girlfriend is away from him. When she needs someone and his lover is busy elsewhere, take the opportunity to be by his side and prove you are better than his girlfriend.

4. Respect
Try to show you respect it. But at the same time, do not let you look like you’re planning on entering her life. It is because if she realizes that, she will get away from you.

5. Wait for the right time
Wait for the right time. If she feels ups and downs in her relationship, you’ll probably be the first person she calls. Let you pour out her heart and be a good listener. After, try your luck by expressing your feelings toward her.

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