Save money when you go to Dufan with some of these methods

Dufan is indeed one of the tourist spots that is never deserted by visitors. Many visitors always visit the place harga dufan 2018, especially in the holiday season. In addition, there are many rides there, but also promotions that they always give and attract visitors. One of the rides that are always crowded is arung jeram dufan.

However, for those of you who feel the price of tickets to come to Dufan is quite expensive or you want to save on the costs when going there. So, some of these tips you can try to save the costs you spend.

– Come when there is a promo
Ticket prices for Dufan are not cheap, especially for students and students. Discount periods and promo price offers are usually the most sought after visitors. As additional tips for those who do not feel like queuing in front of the ride, come on weekdays (Monday-Friday), because the number of visitors is not as much as on weekends.

– Come with the group
Going to Dufan is usually cheaper if, within a group, the price of the admission ticket is much cheaper than individuals. Invite colleagues to the home, school or campus environment. Recreation together is certainly more memorable and enjoyable.

– Avoid coming to Dufan during the rainy season
When the rainy season arrives, you should not relax to Dufan. It does not mean to prohibit, but indeed the rides there will not be operated when it rains for the safety of visitors. But we can still enjoy and play in indoor rides and other entertainment events that are available there which are also interesting and a pity to miss.

– Bring change clothes
In some rides in Dufan, you will get wet because the rides are in the water or surrounded by water. So, all you have to do is bring a change of clothes so you don’t have to buy clothes again. This is a way to save the costs you have to spend. Bring clothes that are not troublesome and comfortable to wear.

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