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Sport has become a hobby for everyone. One of the popular is golf. If you are a beginner and want to know some items that you need, you can check the best golf drivers for high handicappers.

The combination of strength, speed, and intelligence. That’s the first impression that comes when trying the Cobra King F8 driver. The new golf driver released at the same time as the King F8 + series is different from other series, from the manufacturing process to the technology it carries. What are the features of the driver which is claimed to be the thinnest series of this Cobra?

Cobra King F8 driver

What You Need To Know From Cobra King F8

Cobra is one of the lucky producers to regain consumer confidence after being rarely noticed in the golf industry for a long time. Cobra returns with its flagship weapon, the King F8 driver.

Cobra King F8 CNC-Milled Face

The Cobra King F8 driver review reveals that this driver is the only driver that uses 100% CNC-milled on its facades. Unlike other face drivers, which are made through a manual grinding process, then polished until they look shiny. The use of this CNC makes the face driver 3% thinner and 10% lighter than other Cobra drivers. The thinner face design leads to a significantly increased ball speed.

Not only that, the lighter and thinner faces allow the load to be distributed deeper towards the club head resulting in higher MOI and stability during impact. In the clubface, you can see a multi-directional circular pattern in the middle of the clubface. This circular pattern turns out to have a function, namely to tell the wearer the location of the best shot spot and to provide high accuracy.

360 ° Aero Technology

F8 users will experience a significant increase in clubhead speed. This is because Cobra uses 360 ° Aero Technology, an innovative aerodynamic system around the edges of the face to reduce traction when swinging the driver. The polymer material used on the edge of the driver’s head creates a better center of gravity and a higher MOI. Meanwhile, the five layers of ultra-light carbon fiber on the crown move the center of gravity lower and deeper for a higher throw.

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