My car gets scratched, so what should I do?

When your car is scratched and does not want to spend much to fix it, all it takes is your will, a little hard work with caution and cheap tools. One of the tools required in this case is a bottle of touch-up paint. Meanwhile, feel free to visit the professional auto repair shop like Auto Body Shop Santa Ana CA if you want to get the best result, especially if you don’t have to repair your car paint on your own.

The first step, all you need to do is buy a touch-up paint that has the exact same color with the car color is scratched. Touch-up paint you can get in dealers or other automotive stores. How to use this paint also is not difficult, you just simply put the paint on the surface of a beret.

But keep in mind, before making improvements on the car body is scratched, first clean the surface with a fine tissue to clean completely.

Then the next step, do the shuffle on the bottle touch-up paint for approximately one minute. After that, do the paint on the car paint surface is scratched by using a brush. To apply touch-up paint enough on just the surface beret and try to apply it very thin so it still looks parallel to the original paint.

If you feel the paint you apply is too thick or wrong then, you need to do is you have to quickly remove it immediately because if not then the paint will immediately seep into the car body is scratched. In addition, apply under the sunlight enough for the paint to dry quickly.

Once you feel fit or good enough, let the paint up to a few minutes or until dry. Later, the resulting spread will look slightly more prominent. Well, to flatten the rest of the spread please justify by using liquid wax and also a fine cloth. The car body that was once a beret will again shiny as before.

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