Mistakes in Dress Style that Make You Look Old

Can not be denied again that men should also pay attention to the appearance just like what is done by women. But many men do not have the talent in taking care of his appearance, his intention to look stylish, in fact, looks strange in the eyes of others or worse again, the style you choose actually makes you look old. To find out how to dress well, you can visit our website and find out about fashion and style. Here are some common mistakes.

– Cardigans

Unfortunately, for you who like to wear cardigans. Apparently, this outer can make you look older, you know. However, depending also on the model cardigan you wear, the ancient model can make you look like grandmom. If you do not want your appearance to look older, you better use an outer like a jacket or a blazer with a style that is more up to date.

– Orthopedic Sandals

Yes, sandals like this are comfortable to wear. However, this sandal model will make you look like you borrowed sandals from your mother or grandmother. Yup, because the style is so old-fashioned. Try choosing another more appropriate and funny model on your feet!

– Mom Jeans

From the name, only this jeans have been named as “mom” jeans. This kind of jeans model is usually worn by a middle-aged woman. These jeans will give you an older impression on your appearance. Try mix and match with clothes that look fresh and young, like cropped-tee for example, so these jeans do not make your appearance old.

– Sport shoes

Yep, you can look sporty and energetic by using cool running shoes, but not sports shoes that model is a bit old-fashioned. Especially if you combine it with clothes other than exercise clothes, you’ll look like a granny who strolls around the park!

– Wool-based Sweater

Wool material is often associated with mother’s clothing and vintage impression. In order to look younger, you can choose clothing materials that provide more youthful vibe like jeans or leather for example.

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