Keep Your Password With The Following Ways

Every time you have an account, you will definitely be asked to fill in a password so you can enter the account. However, unfortunately, this password is usually made carelessly without considering many things, especially the security of the account. For that, there is now 2 factor authentication that you can use to protect your account from various harmful hacker attacks log me once.

In addition, it turns out there are several ways you can use to protect the password that you have for each account. Some of the ways in question are

– Don’t Give Up on a Website We Don’t Know
This point is very important, why? because it has something to do with the SQL Injection attack method that I have explained before, as complicated as any password that you make does not have an effect when registering on a website with a lack of security. Here I give you an example of how easy it is to get an account with the SQL Injection method if you really want to register to the website, try to differentiate the password according to my tips in the First Point.

– Use a different password
The point of this point is that sometimes we are lazy to differentiate passwords between e-mail accounts and Facebook accounts for reasons of fear of forgetting passwords etc., actually this is very very wrong, if we use one password variant for all the webs we access, chances are your password will be very easy to be hacked, my tips for this first point are not to forget the password for each web that we are trying to login to by adding various letters and characters.

– Get used to not strangling the “Stay Signed In” box
The box should not be checked, and make it a habit to log out when it has finished accessing the website.

Make sure you follow the steps above so that the password you have is unknown to others and make sure that your account is safe from various crimes by hackers.

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