How To Get The New Job 10 Minutes After The Interview Process

Successfully got the job started from making your CV get the attention of HRD. The CV that you send to the company must be able to show that you are a suitable candidate for that position. Not only CVs, job application letters, interactions when interviewed, so your personal hobbies are considered by the company in recruiting employees. Believe you it or not, you can be accepted or not in just 10 minutes even though you apply for the job on job centre online.

– A CV is a decisive first step

There were tens or even hundreds of CVs received by HRD at the time of recruitment and HRD only saw them in a matter of seconds. The first step to highlight yourself is through a cover letter and CV that you send. Try to make these two documents look professional by describing in detail your work history, abilities you have, and general qualifications according to job criteria. Increase the chance to be called to the next stage by making a CV that matches the required qualifications. A job application letter is used to help you explain in detail what you wrote on the CV.

– Pay attention to the appearance at the interview

The first impression is crucial in the job interview. One costume or not neat will drop your score in the eyes of the interviewer in just a few seconds. Note the following so that the job interview runs smoothly.

– Make sure you have good behavior before, during, and after the interview process

You have to pay attention to all your behavior during the interview, no matter how small the action, such as talking on the phone with the recruiter, how when you first set foot in the office you are applying for, to how to shake hands with the interviewer. Simple things that don’t seem too important to turn out to be very important and can increase or decrease your points in front of the interviewer.

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