Here Are Tips For Choosing A Carpet According To Your Needs!

Before you choose a carpet to buy, it’s a good idea to choose a good carpet to reduce errors in selection. Using Carpet Cleaners Northshore can be an alternative for those of you who are looking for rugs.

1. Size Based on Place & Needs
You have to measure the floor and size of the room that will be installed the carpet, if you are in doubt about the size of the place and the need, use a professional carpet installer to solve this.

2. Installation Location
If installed in a location that is often passed by people, then choose a carpet made of thin material. Usually, these types of carpets are found in offices & hotels. How to clean and maintain is easier than thick carpets.
If you use a carpet made of thin material at the traffic level, often with a smooth type, you will see footprints and a vacuum cleaner. That it will change the appearance of the carpet, so you should choose a carpet as needed

3. Color and Texture
Room conditions with low lighting in the room, choose a carpet color with glossy or light color and texture to give the room a bright impression.

4. Adjust to Care.
If you are busy, choose a carpet with a type not soft and thick velvet, because usually there are a lot of dirt, dust, & bacteria that accumulate on the carpet. But if you still want it and you are not ready to take care of it then use a professional carpet cleaning service,

5. Good quality shop
It is better to buy a carpet at a reputable store and guarantee the quality of the carpet, both online and offline. Usually, the shop already has a lot of customers because it is known for its quality in the community, good work, and cheap prices.

6. Warranty
If you buy expensive carpets, of course, you should be satisfied with the rugs you buy. Satisfaction is not only the first time you buy but a guarantee that can make you sure that the carpet is good and quality

7. Selection of carpet
Carpets are divided into several kinds of shapes.

A. Tapestries
B. Carpet Tile
C. Carpet Roll

Of the three types, there are many types, according to the motif and raw material of the carpet. These three types can also be ordered by model according to the catalog or based on your design.

A. Tapestries

A rug is a small carpet. Usually, some of you already have rugs to use in the living room or to wear during special events.

B. Carpet Tile
Tile rugs are carpets that have been shaped into pieces such as ceramic tiles/floors, so that installation is easier and the motif can be adjusted to your liking because it can be arranged in different directions as desired.
Easy to care for, if something is damaged, it can be replaced just because it looks like a tile. For more care, you can wash the carpet.

C. Carpet roll
The rolled carpet is a metered carpet that is square and is sold in the form of a meter, usually, this carpet is used in places of worship for walking in certain buildings and events.

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