Godless People Are Mostly Arrogant, Greedy, And Selfish

Arrogance is a common feature of atheist societies, they are always looking for the strongest. For him, that strength is shown by the cunning and the ability to exploit the potential that exists to defeat others find more. They always look for winners because by winning a fight, their ability to master resources becomes wider. This means that when a group is in a higher position, another group will become a foothold. Aside from that, if you’re a Christian, perhaps you need to take a look at the miracle healing prayer request service.

Religious communities should not look for winners because they are an ancestor, namely Adam and Eve. After all, was Noah the prophet the only ancestor who later lived to become the forerunner of all humanity? Therefore, avoid trying to find winners because we are winners together.

The exploitation of natural resources is justified for personal gain (greedy)

The use of available resources is done on a large scale. Because atheist society is very consumptive about worldly pleasures and luxuries. They make the world sparkly as a source of satisfaction, peace, happiness, and peace in their hearts. Even though all of them are mortal, it is very likely that they will be consumed continuously until the available resources are depleted and even used up. So the exhaustion of fuel for atheist society is something they have guessed and looked forward to long ago.

It is time for people who believe in the existence of God to stop over-exploitation of natural resources. Because the nature around us is part of God’s creation that must be taken care of for the survival of life on earth from generation to generation.

Sacrifice is needed to supply the system

Atheists indirectly need sacrifice when the population has risen sharply. There are people who they have determined to die young because of the abuse of drugs, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and various other dangerous chemicals. There is a natural selection that is placed in the form of a flavoring, preservatives, coloring, sweeteners, etc. solely to eliminate people who he thinks are weak.

People who have a religion should have eliminated this kind of population control system. It’s because the practice is not far from hidden crimes that can ensnare everyone in the hereafter.

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