Facts About Dufan

Who has never been to the Fantasy World aka¬† promo tiket dufan 2018? Most of Jakarta’s population must have been to a playground which is the first playground in Indonesia as well as the biggest playground in Southeast Asia. Making the World of Fantasy is not an easy thing at that time due to the limited and limited source of information and material in its development era, which began in 1980. Here are some historical facts of Dufan that you may not know. If you like playing fun and thrilling rides, you can try to play arung jeram dufan.

– Doll Castle

Istana Boneka is an original ride 100% made in Indonesia, although there is an assumption that Istana Boneka is cheating on It ‘s A Small World Disneyland. The proof is that during the construction of this ride there was no Bengkel Dunia Fantasi (Bendufa) artist who had visited Disneyland in 1980. Maybe you are familiar with this ride’s theme song. But do you know what the song title is and who the creator is? This song is titled “Harapan Suci”, and the creator is Teddy Darmanto, while the song is arranged by Alm. Soedharnoto.

– Fantasy World Theme Songs

Making this song is not as instant as it is today. Research with scale, psychological theory, graphics and so on is needed so that songs that are easy to remember are created. Just like the Istana Boneka song entitled “Harapan Suci”, this Dufan song was also created by Teddy Darmanto.

– Dufan’s mascot

There is something unique about this mascot first and now. Dufan’s mascot was once pink. Different from the color now. Dufan’s mascot came from Mr. Ciputra who was interested in bekantan animals while visiting Kalimantan. Plus the Ancol area was once a gathering place for apes and Bekatan monkeys. Because of this, Bekatan animals were chosen to be Dufan’s mascot.

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