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Understanding the Different Types of TV

Want to buy a new television? Don’t rush, try to learn how to choose the right and wise TV! So that you don’t get remorse or dissatisfaction in the future. Talking about choosing, certainly not apart from certain methods. Like choosing a model that suits your taste, size or dimensions that adjust the area of the room, and so on. Well, so that you understand how to determine a TV that is good and suitable for your home, then look at some important tips below. But before that, you can get Low prices on some great Sony smart Televisions by visiting our website.


The first thing that needs to be done is to know and understand in advance what are the differences between types of TV circulating in the market. At present, this type of television is divided into 3 types, namely Plasma TV, LCD, and LED. Each type has a significant difference, including Plasma TV, the cheapest type of TV than the others. Because it is more affordable, the technology that it carries is a little behind. The point behind here is that there are several new features that have not been owned by this type of television but have been loaded by other types of television. In addition, it has a body design that is much thicker than LCD and LED TVs. Even so, not a few of the people who continue to choose plasma TV as a casual friend at home.

LCD and LED TVs, you could say like twins. Both have the same technology, namely the LCD type screen. It’s just that, on LCD TVs it still carries CCFL or Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps technology as its backlight. CCFL is famous for its energy-intensive nature. So, it is not uncommon for this type of TV user to complain that electricity bills are always above average. Unlike the LED TV. This type of television has used LED Lamp which is much more efficient in electricity consumption. So it will be much more economical for all users.

Going to the Playground, See the Following Effective Tips

One way to enjoy a short vacation that you can do is to go to an amusement park and ride various rides there. One of the amusement parks that you can choose is Dufan. There are many rides that you can ride there, from arung jeram dufan to various shows held for visitors.

However, when you are going on vacation to the amusement park, there are some tips that you can do before leaving. Some of these tips will help you to be able to enjoy the amusement park very comfortably and safely. Some of the tips in question are

1. Vacation when there is time
The first thing you have to do is go when you have time, not during vacation. This increases your chances of getting a cheaper ticket at a time that is not crowded. Increases in holiday tickets are often done so you have to pay more for a crowded and uncomfortable holiday.

2. Find discount tickets
Looking for discount tickets, you must do before planning to the amusement park. With this, you can save more money for a fun holiday. In fact, the money resulting from discounts can be used again for your next vacation.

3. Depart very early
If you want to spend all your days at the amusement park, leaving before the amusement park is opened will be an advantage for you and your family. With so many rides you will ride early so that the entire amusement park will be thoroughly explored.

4. Go home late
Who would have thought that many amusement parks were closed late at night? Surely going home late at night will make it easier for you to enjoy the game longer, take pictures with the amusement park lights, and enjoy the beautiful sky at night.

5. Check employee discounts
If you work for a company that often offers holiday promotions to its employees, checking the latest employee discounts will provide good opportunities. With employee discounts, you will deduct a lot of money that must be spent while having fun while on vacation.

Facts About Dufan

Who has never been to the Fantasy World aka  promo tiket dufan 2018? Most of Jakarta’s population must have been to a playground which is the first playground in Indonesia as well as the biggest playground in Southeast Asia. Making the World of Fantasy is not an easy thing at that time due to the limited and limited source of information and material in its development era, which began in 1980. Here are some historical facts of Dufan that you may not know. If you like playing fun and thrilling rides, you can try to play arung jeram dufan.

– Doll Castle

Istana Boneka is an original ride 100% made in Indonesia, although there is an assumption that Istana Boneka is cheating on It ‘s A Small World Disneyland. The proof is that during the construction of this ride there was no Bengkel Dunia Fantasi (Bendufa) artist who had visited Disneyland in 1980. Maybe you are familiar with this ride’s theme song. But do you know what the song title is and who the creator is? This song is titled “Harapan Suci”, and the creator is Teddy Darmanto, while the song is arranged by Alm. Soedharnoto.

– Fantasy World Theme Songs

Making this song is not as instant as it is today. Research with scale, psychological theory, graphics and so on is needed so that songs that are easy to remember are created. Just like the Istana Boneka song entitled “Harapan Suci”, this Dufan song was also created by Teddy Darmanto.

– Dufan’s mascot

There is something unique about this mascot first and now. Dufan’s mascot was once pink. Different from the color now. Dufan’s mascot came from Mr. Ciputra who was interested in bekantan animals while visiting Kalimantan. Plus the Ancol area was once a gathering place for apes and Bekatan monkeys. Because of this, Bekatan animals were chosen to be Dufan’s mascot.

People hope that dufan improved it security after this incident

The stalled case of the Dufan mati at Wahana Dunia Fantasi, Ancol Taman Impian, when it was operated some time ago, caused a traumatic feeling in the community. Bintang Prasadhana a resident of Rawasari, Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta for example. He admitted, the incident of the crash of the Tornado game was heard in the media. “After hearing the news, we thought about going to the Tornado,” he said, although the manager of Dufan had stated that the Tornado game had international standards in operation, not necessarily that the security of the players was guaranteed. “His name is also man-made, surely his weakness, aka not one hundred percent safe,” said the man who worked in the Department of Transportation.

The same thing was said by Fitri Nur Arifeni , a resident from Cilandak, South Jakarta. He who often went to Dufan claimed to be thinking again before boarding the vehicle when dufan mati occurs. In addition to the traffic jams, he also claimed to have watched a roller coaster game that his mother and sister had abruptly stopped when it was run. Fortunately, he said when he stopped his position was not upside down and only lasted briefly. “Since the incident of my mother and sister, I chose to play safe,” he said.

Fitri assesses that maximum care is needed so that security can be maintained so dufan mati incident dont ever happen again. “If it’s time for treatment, it’s better if the vehicle is closed, don’t be forced to open. Before the vehicle is opened, it’s better to check again. Then the employees in charge of the vehicle must be right when the vehicle is to be played,” he said. Hendra Wijaya , a resident of the TNI Al Complex, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, said that even though the incident of the Tornado jam caused a sense of trauma and concern, for Hendra it did not mean that something similar would happen to other visitors. “Well, maybe it’s just a disturbance,” he explained.

Hendra also admitted, if the dufan conditions had been declared ready and could be operated again after dufan mati incident, it was not impossible he would try the game. “I have already taken the Tornado twice, but it’s safe. If the Ancol states the game is safe and ready to operate again, why not try it,” he said. Not only Hendra, Awang, residents found in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta also claimed they were not afraid to board the tornado. According to him, the incident was rare. “It’s a pity that the entry is expensive if you don’t maximize what is available. What is clear is that before opening it must be checked really,” he explained.

Save money when you go to Dufan with some of these methods

Dufan is indeed one of the tourist spots that is never deserted by visitors. Many visitors always visit the place harga dufan 2018, especially in the holiday season. In addition, there are many rides there, but also promotions that they always give and attract visitors. One of the rides that are always crowded is arung jeram dufan.

However, for those of you who feel the price of tickets to come to Dufan is quite expensive or you want to save on the costs when going there. So, some of these tips you can try to save the costs you spend.

– Come when there is a promo
Ticket prices for Dufan are not cheap, especially for students and students. Discount periods and promo price offers are usually the most sought after visitors. As additional tips for those who do not feel like queuing in front of the ride, come on weekdays (Monday-Friday), because the number of visitors is not as much as on weekends.

– Come with the group
Going to Dufan is usually cheaper if, within a group, the price of the admission ticket is much cheaper than individuals. Invite colleagues to the home, school or campus environment. Recreation together is certainly more memorable and enjoyable.

– Avoid coming to Dufan during the rainy season
When the rainy season arrives, you should not relax to Dufan. It does not mean to prohibit, but indeed the rides there will not be operated when it rains for the safety of visitors. But we can still enjoy and play in indoor rides and other entertainment events that are available there which are also interesting and a pity to miss.

– Bring change clothes
In some rides in Dufan, you will get wet because the rides are in the water or surrounded by water. So, all you have to do is bring a change of clothes so you don’t have to buy clothes again. This is a way to save the costs you have to spend. Bring clothes that are not troublesome and comfortable to wear.

How much money that you need to cut your hair?

Hair salon is the most popular place that people always visit. Usually, women are the most often to visit a hair salon. They need an extra treatment for their hair because they have a longer hair compared to the men. But sometimes men also need to visit a hair salon to cut their hairs since they can’t do it by themselves. Hair salon is open to all people who want to get a hair treatment. Even now there is a hair salon that special for kids that have many toys that can attract the kids. If you think that you want to know the price that you need to pay for your hair treatment, then you can find it on Price List. This website can tell you any prices that you want to know. For example, AMC theater ticket prices and hair salon prices. You can also find the best hair salon from this website.

Since there are many hair salons that appear these days, sometimes it makes people feel hard to choose the best hair salons. Some people visit a hair salon because they think it is the nearest one to their house, or because people got a recommendation from their friends to visit a specific hair salon. Or sometimes people visit a hair salon that available at the shopping mall because they accidentally visiting that shopping mall and accidentally need to visit a hair salon. Usually, people choose a specific hair salon and then always come to that salon every time they need a hair treatment because they already get to know the best hair stylist who can handle their hair problem. The hair stylist usually already know how to handle their customer’s hair condition and that’s why the salon where the hair stylist work might always crowded with people who want to get a hair treatment from the best hair stylist.

4 Keys to hire the good and reliable architects

It’s no secret if the skill of an architect can help you build a home for the better. Not only that, architects can also help ensure all the needs of a new home, from design, material information, to the cost of renovation. In the meantime, you can also consider hiring the recommended Arquitectos en Tijuana near your area.

In order to successfully cooperate renovating the favorite house with the architect, consider the following eight steps:

1. Looking for architects To find out the services and work of an architect, you can get them from design magazines, websites, or information from friends. Looking for architects is not just looking for a professional or famous, but also needs to be considered your needs, because each of them has a uniqueness in his work. Customize his work with your personality, so the process of this cooperation can run smoothly. Once you get the right architect, try to share your room requirements, availability of funds, and long-term plans for your home.

2. Site survey Before designing the house, architects need to conduct the site survey. It is useful to provide descriptive descriptions for the design later. Surveys are not enough just once, so this process can run longer. Subject to this location, architects will conduct regular reviews during the renovation process. At least, this process takes 2 to 3 weeks.

3. Proposal of the design concept After the survey was conducted and consulted with you, the architect will usually submit the design concept along with the design price.

Usually, they will propose images of the concept of division of space and facade only. This design proposal is still very likely to be revised or deepened again. In this process, you can request the offer of space forms or application materials that represent needs and tastes. In this process, proposals and design concepts are usually filed 1-2 weeks after the second phase.

4. Contract of work When you and the architect agree on the concept of design and design price, the next step is to make a contract work. The contract contains an agreement on payment and list of drawings that are the obligations of architects.

Things That You Need If You Want to Make DIY Liquid Vapor

Not only tobacco cigarettes that can be made alone, many people start trying to make a liquid combination. You certainly already know what vape it is. Vape is the latest smoking trend, using electric and fluid-containing appliances. You can adjust how thick the smoke comes out. This makes people create creations tricks to playing vape smoke. For those of you who are reluctant to make liquid vape, you can open the website and order liquid online. Many aromas are provided.

But if you want to make your own vape fluid, here are the things that should be prepared in addition to the vape fluid maker:

– Cleanliness
Hygiene is an absolute requirement to make something human bears. In the manufacture of any good, hygiene is actually a very important aspect and should not be ignored. Cleanliness in making e-liquid include, hand hygiene, body health, and cleanliness of the place/room manufacture. Hands should be clean, it is advisable to wash hands with soap before starting the making. The room should be clean, clean and sterile does not mean to be wiped, because homemade, in the room used for the manufacture of liquid should not be reached by animals and clean of dust,

– You Need A Light Room
Sunlight can damage many materials liquid, therefore liquid should be made either before or after not to be exposed to direct sunlight.

– Storage
Refrigerators are the best option, or else a common cupboard can. Avoid places that are easily reachable by children.

– Willingness
Well, this will include money to be spent on purchasing materials and equipment before starting the manufacture of e-liquid DIY. It is recommended to read forums that discuss DIY E-Juice / E-liquid before starting. To get quality materials is certainly money to be spent larger but the result is certainly better than fake material

The decking materials store that you must choose

Remodeling your house can be a very challenging task to do. With or without the help of the professional contractors, you still need to do a lot of things carefully if you wish to have a deck which is matching with your vision perfectly deck post base trim. Although for the inexperienced people, hiring the top contractors will always be a fine idea. However, for the people who haven’t got used to with such a big remodeling project, even a small thing like choosing the materials may confuse them. So that’s why when they’re choosing the materials like the best deck post base trim, the professional contractors will likely tell them to go and check out The Deck Shoppe.

It’s one of the best and also one of the most reliable decking supply stores online. It has been in the business with many years of experience, so when it comes down to the quality of their products and services, you bet that they are more than capable of providing you with the best of it. So that’s why there are so many designers and contractors alike who love this store more than any other stores in the business.

You can find any kinds of decking materials on this store with ease. The things such as wooden railings, tempered glass railings, deck screws, deck fasteners, post anchors, and even ornamental wood ties are all available here, at The Deck Shoppe. So this way is very convenient. You just need to visit a single store online to get all of your decking materials. This saves you a lot of time and energy, and also don’t forget that this one provides the fair and reasonable services. Although a decking project is supposed to be expensive, with The Deck Shoppe helping you, building your dream deck will be easier and without wasting too much money at the same time.

Latest Romantic Movies of 2017

Romantic movies, though many are underestimated, quietly became the best-selling theme. Many viewers continue to update romantic movies, either from their own country or from Korea, Japan, or the west. It proves how this one genre has a long life. Here are some of the list of romantic movies we recommend for you.

1. Fifty Shades Darker

Still starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. The second series of the movie Fifty Shades is still going to show the complexity of the relationship between Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele, wrapped with erotic romantic hot romance.

2. Lost in Florence

The film tells the story of a young man named Eric Lazard who is interested in the dangerous sport of Florentine “Calcio Fiorentino” and captivated by a local girl named Stephanie.

3. Tulip Fever

The romantic movie of infidelity between a young wife and a painter. Both fell in love when the painter was invited to his house.

4. Midnight Sun

Bella Thorne (Katie) is a figure of a girl who has a rare disease because she can not get along in the daytime because a little bit exposed to sunlight enough to make her suffer. Fate met him (Charlie) Patrick Schwarzenegger, then the love story begins.

5. Beauty and the Beast

The fantasy romantic movie starring Dan Stevens and Emma Watson has definitely awaited fans of Disney cartoon. How not, the love story between an ugly prince with a young woman is now reinvented with a more compelling version and composition.

6. My Cousin Rachel

The film is based on Daphne Du Maurier’s original novel released in 1951. The outline of a young Englishman. He actually harboured a grudge against his own cousin. According to him, the beautiful woman has killed. Only, the man actually fell on the charm. Conditions were so quite complicated.

7. A Star Is Born

Actually, detailed information about this film is not complete. Speculation release date also appears, which is delayed until September 2018. Likewise with the main players. One source said Lady Gaga, another source named Beyoncé. What is clear, this film will tell how the process of an actress or a singer gained popularity and glory, in addition to the complexity of his own problems that had threatened the career of the star.

8. Sandy Wexler
The main character whose name is film title, Sandy Wexler, is a reliable manager who works in Los Angeles. The focus was annoyed when in meeting his new client named Courtney Clarke. The client is a talented singer. They meet in an amusement park.

How To Be Famous on Youtube

Internet became the most sought Entertainment today. Every day, there are over 50 million people are streaming youtube and this can continue to increase. Many parents who let their children become youtube creator but not as easy as turning the palm of the hand to become famous on Youtube.

1. Create an Interesting Video
The first tip to become famous on YouTube is to make videos as interesting as possible. Why should it be interesting? Because with the interesting video will provoke a lot of people to see it. With so many people looking at it, your chances of being popular or famous will be wide open.

To make an interesting video, you can get ideas from news or trends that are being excited in the community. But remember because you have to aim at enduring popularity, then the videos you create should not be haphazard. You do not have to go along with making videos that have been made people.

2. Famous on Youtube with Collaboration
Other ways or tips to boost your popularity in YouTube’s social media is to create collaborations with famous people. This method will be faster to make you popular or famous if you successfully run it.

To run these tips you should be able to meet or contact famous people and offer for a collaboration to them to create a collaboration video. This method is considered quite effective because then your popularity will come boosted and prominent as the popularity of the figure of the famous person.

3. Connect with More Viewer or Viewer
As mentioned before that to be popular you need a lot of visitors or viewers. The number of viewers or viewers is a successful measure of a video. Therefore, you really have to try and struggle to connect the videos you create with more audiences.

4. Be Sure Creator Content
Finally, the tips to become famous through YouTube is to be a diligent creator. Some creators who persist in striving to present good content will certainly succeed if he is patient with the process.

The work will indeed be your identity as a YouTube creator. If you are diligent in uploading videos then you will proceed to popularity. But if you are not consistent or even give up because it does not work then you will be more difficult and far from popularity and your efforts to become a famous person.