Avoid Some Mistakes So You Don’t Look Look Old Because of Make up

Makeup is certainly a necessity for many women to be able to appear optimally and fresh whatever their activities do. but the selection of makeup must also be considered so that it matches your facial skin. Visit the Website to get the skincare or makeup that you need and of course made from natural and organic ingredients that are safe for your face.

In using makeup there are also a number of things that you must pay attention to. One of them is a makeup mistake that can make your face look older. Some mistakes you must avoid are

– Use excessive mascara on the lower lashes
Using mascara on the lower lashes can give you an expressive impression. But using too much mascara on the lower lashes will make everyone stare under your eyes and the wrinkles around the eyes will be more visible. We recommend using just enough mascara.

– Too much to use concealer
To make the perfect matte impression, many of us use too much concealer. If you choose the wrong color and apply it too much, then any acne scars will be more visible and the result your face will look older. To avoid this error, many artist makeup artists recommend just applying foundations.

– Choose the wrong lipstick color
Needless to say, lipstick can make a person’s image stand out more. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting with bright and bold colors. But don’t forget, if your lips are already full and full, you should avoid dark colors for your lipstick. No need for dark colors, just use a lip liner to form lips.

– Too much eyeliner under the eyes
Applying dark eyeliner to the lower eyelid makes your eyes look curved. We recommend using a pencil-shaped eyeliner and not too thick in applying it.

Avoid some of the mistakes mentioned if you don’t want to look older than your actual age because of make-up.

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