5 Tips for Preventing and Overcoming Robberies

Here are 5 tips for preventing and overcoming robberies accompanied by confinement that were successfully extracted by the author themselves that we’ll share with you. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to hire a trusted Locksmith to deal with any problems with your locks at home or on your vehicles.

1. Always lock the gate after entering and leaving the house

Robbers often lurk your home before committing a robbery. For that make sure the fence is always closed and locked after you leave the house or when you come from outside.

2. For a house without a fence (cluster system), close and lock is always the main door or living room door

For homes without a fence (cluster system) like in a housing complex, make sure the main door or living room door is closed and locked. Robbers often spy on homes whose main doors are not closed in the morning between 6:30 and 8:00 when the owner of the house is taking a shower or preparing to go to work.

3. Install surveillance cameras (CCTV) on the yard and inside the house

CCTV cameras that are equipped with a monitor, DVR or memory are very helpful for monitoring and recording events on your home page. In addition to the home page, you also need to install CCTV cameras in the house, especially in the living room. This is important to help security forces identify robbers if a robbery occurs.

4. If possible, the house is always guarded by security or security guards

If your house is large enough and rather vulnerable, it is better for you to employ 1-2 security people (security guards) who are on duty 24 hours a day and night.

5. Always teach children and RT assistants to stay alert to strangers

Many robberies occur because homeowners are less alert. Always teach children and RT assistants (households) to stay alert to strangers. If there are guests who pretend to call father or mother and want to take things at home, you should ask the children or RT assistants to lock the door of the house and contact the father or mother first. Or if there are guests who claim to be from security forces/police, teach them so that guests can show their identity.

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