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Manage Businesses With Geofencing

If you have a business in several locations simultaneously, of course, you cannot always be in each location all the time to carry out monitoring. Each location requires the same attention to operate with good quality consistently. Because of this, you need a team that goes into the field to check the business in these locations. However, how do you ensure that the entire team is on-site to monitor your branch operations? The answer is a geofencing feature like you could find at www.propellant.media/what-is-geofencing.

Geo-fencing is a feature that triggers programmed actions when a mobile device enters or exits a virtual boundary set around a geographic location known as a geofence. You will be able to direct your team to be in the location that needed the operational audit process. There are many benefits that you could get from using this particular technology such as preventing your employees from auditing in the wrong locations. With geolocation and geofencing features, you don’t have to worry about your team generating reports at a different audit location than the one assigned. If you geo-tagged the address of your business unit, your team will not be able to initiate an audit if it is not within the designated area radius. So, it can be ascertained that they are working on the monitoring report at a predetermined location.

By knowing whether the team in the field is conducting operational audits at the correct location, you can tell that your team is coming into the field and making visits. Ask your team to check-in and check-out at the start and end of the internal audit session. It will also help to improve your employee accountability. Because of the above benefits, you can also check employee compliance with working hours and visiting policies using the geofencing feature. With this feature, employees will not be able to work on reports from the coffee shop. Employees also cannot leave absences because each employee must check-in and check-out using their account at a predetermined location. With geofencing, there will be no more rigging work time and falsifying reports.

You Can Do These Tricks To Store Items In Your Vehicle Safely

In this day and age, even though the vehicle is locked and is also equipped with an alarm, there are still a lot of vehicle thieves who are still hanging around. So that there is no theft, we’d like to share with you some tips to store your items in your vehicle properly. Additionally, you can also install a trailer storage box if you use a trailer for your travels.

Here are some tricks to store your items in vehicles that you must know:

You have to make sure if the vehicle is locked

Because some vehicles are usually equipped with very sophisticated features, but you also still have to make sure. When you press the lock button it’s a good idea to check the indicator light is locked. It’s a good idea to get in the habit of checking again by pulling the vehicle door lever.

It’s good to park the vehicle in the right place

When you visit a place, it’s a good idea to predict whether the location is safe for you to park your vehicle. And don’t be fooled by the usual location, because criminal acts can happen anytime and anywhere.

Hide objects and items in the vehicle

Some vehicle owners usually ignore this. Some types of items such as bags, jackets, etc. that are considered not so important are these items that can attract the attention of thieves. Don’t forget to save important items such as documents or several other types of important files in a hidden area inside the vehicle so that they are not easily seen from outside the vehicle glass.

Install additional safety tools

For some types of modern vehicles, security is usually getting more sophisticated as well. But it never hurts to start just in case you add other security tools. For example, adding CCTV for you can make it easier to find the perpetrator of theft in the event of theft in your vehicle.

You have to optimize security

There are other things you should do to prevent the possibility of vehicle theft. And one of them is by optimizing the functions of all the security features in your vehicle.