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Mempertimbangkan Fleksibilitas Tempat Kerja Bagi Pegawai Penyandang Disabilitas

Ketika kalian melihat informasi lowongan kerja di sosial media, beberapa diantaranya memberikan terobosan berupa jalur khusus bagi para penyandang disabilitas. Meskipun masih sangat sedikit perusahaan yang bersedia untuk menerapkan langkah tersebut, bagi para penyandang disabilitas kesempatan tersebut merupakan kesempatan yang sangat berharga. Dengan adanya jalur khusus bagi mereka dalam proses rekrutmen pegawai, mereka akan merasa memiliki peluang lebih. Namun, yang terpenting yaitu memastikan bahwa perusahaan tersebut telah mempersiapkan lingkungan kerja yang siap menerima atau ramah ketika mereka telah diberikan statu sebagai pegawai.

Banyak sekali manfaat dari lingkungan kerja yang inklusif terhadap kinera perusahaan. Dalam hal ini, perusahaan senantiasa berupaya untuk menjaga agar setiap pegawai dapat bekerja secara nyaman dan produktif. Upaya tersebut juga perlu didukung oleh semua pegawai dengan menciptakan budaya yang inklusif pula, termasuk setiap pegawai juga perlu mengetahui bagaimana berkomunikasi dengan pegawai lainnya yang memiliki latarbelakang yang berbeda-beda dengan baik. Tentu bukan tugas mudah untuk mewujudkan lingkungan dan budaya kerja inklusif. Namun, jika seluruh pihak saling memiliki kesadaran tinggi untuk mewujudkannya, merealisasikan visi teresebut bukanlah hal yang mustahil.

Perusahaan-perusahaan besar seperti MetLife dan Mariott International merupakan perusahaan yang memiliki visi tersebut. Bahkan mereka memiliki tim khusus untuk mewujudkan visi perusahaan tersebut. Kampanye-kampanye tentang keberagaman di lingkungan perusahaan setiap tahun dirilis untuk meningkatkan kesadaran setiap pegawai untuk bersama-sama mewujudkan budaya inklusif. Dalam beberapa berita, mereka mengklaim bahwa program-program yang dirancang tersebut memberikan dampak positifi bagi kinerja perusahaan.

Lingkungan kerja yang fleksibel membantu kalian untuk berpikir secara kreatif dan membentuk budaya bekerja yang menyesuaikan individu dengan kebutuhan perusahaan. Memiliki lingkungan kerja yang fleksibel akan membantu kalian untuk dapat melibatkan orang-orang dengan beragam latar belakang, termasuk para penyandang disabilitas. Misalnya, seorang pegawai dengan keterbatasan khusus dapat berobat sehingga dapat mengurangi dampak negatif terhadap kinerjanya di kantor. Dengan memberikan waktu yang lebih fleksibel, dia dapat menentukan waktu bekerja terbaik sehingga dia dapat selalu memiliki dedikasi yang tinggi bagi perusahaan.

Are You Interested In Jet Ski?

Do you not know jetski but have you watched this game? It seems you need to try it. Indeed, at a glance, playing jetski looks very easy. Imagine, just by playing gas and adjusting the speed automatically, you can already play it. However don’t take it for granted, this game is indeed quite easy, especially for beginners. However, you may try 3-4 plays, you will already be adept at playing it. For those who are experts and have played it several times, it is no longer a hard activity to do. Apart from that, you may also need to check out the Jet Skis for sale in orange county ca if you want to buy a new jet ski.

For the jet ski enthusiasts, there was his satisfaction when playing jetski. Jetski has been practicing for the past four years. Usually, They don’t play jet ski alone but with their community.

If only around big cities, usually they only depart early to the island that they want. In the afternoon, they will come back home afterward. Uniquely, due to the enthusiasts had the jet skiing hobby for a long time, these water vehicles are used, not rented, and all members have their own jet skis. So they only need to pay for the cost of safekeeping the goods. In addition, of course, playing jetski is no longer time-limited.

Jetski is fun but playing jetski actually requires concentration. The essence of the jetski game is that the driver must be able to maintain a balance when doing attractions in the water. In essence, you need knowledge of the right techniques to do this challenging game.

Besides requiring waves in the game of jet skiing, water sports are also known as expensive sports. So it is indeed “suitable” for people with thick pockets.

For beginners, usually will be accompanied by a trainer, or accompanied by friends or relatives who are already adept at playing jetski. Of course to reduce the risk of accidents. A small jet ski can accommodate three people while a large capacity can accommodate up to four people.

These Are The Fatal Event Organizer Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Discipline is the key to the success of an event. All must be on time according to the existing schedule. If an event organizer is late it will affect everything. Therefore an EO must appreciate the time. From a small matter, it will be seen whether someone is on time or not. If at the beginning of the meeting with the client alone it is not on time, then there will be doubts about the client going forward. Even though EO always deals with deadlines. Furthermore, an EO has to arrange a lot of things, such as coordinating the stage crews, recruiting talents, and also thinking of the Content Creation.

Aside from that mistake, here are some other fatal EO mistakes that you should avoid:

Rates that do not make sense

One of the benchmark clients is price. If the price does not make sense, of course, the client will retreat regularly. Set a price that matches what can be given to the client. Never promise anything that cannot be done/given. Therefore an EO must be smart in using the budget effectively and creatively.

Regarding the promotion

An event without promotion is useless. No one will know about the event which resulted in no visitors. Promotion is a very important thing. Not infrequently the budget for promotion can reach 20-30% of the overall budget.

Ignoring Social Media

Especially for EOs who lack technology literacy and social media. On average they still think below the line is still everything. While that has been eroded by the enormity of the power of social media. Maximize social media in performance as an EO, and use it well and intelligently for its ease and advantages.

The EO has no artist or talent channels

This is very fatal if not owned by EO. In addition, it will be difficult to find and contact artists to become performers, of course, it will reduce the client’s assessment as well. In general, clients want EO services that are comprehensive or one package covering everything from food vendors to artist bookings.

Tips to Be Safe When Kayaking

For you who want to go kayaking, especially if it is your first time, it is important to know how to be safe while doing the water sport. Otherwise, the kayaking of yours might turn out to be dangerous instead of fun. You cannot just bring a set of an inflatable kayak and a paddle and go kayaking on a river as there have to be some preparations to be done. So, here are some safety tips from orange county kayaks for sale that you can do to make your kayaking trip more safe and comfortable.

– Wear a life jacket

Even though most of the kayaking trips are mostly done in fast-flowing rivers which are shallow and calm, there is the possibility of accidents occur due to hitting a rock or the bottom of the river, tree trunks, or even your own kayak when inverted. There are a few spots in the waters of the river that you do not even really know in detail so that there is a change in which your kayak might be overturned in a deep niche that contains strong currents. A life Jacket, then, is the most important thing to be wearing before you are seated in the cockpit of the kayak and started paddling. Not only as a tool to float, but it is also a protective device to prevent hypothermia at the most unexpected times. When you have an accident in the waters, the life jacket can be seen clearly by your friends or even rescuers who may help you to keep facing up when you pass from the impact.

– Make an extra plan

If you are planning a kayaking trip, one must know when you have a bad thing in the middle of the trip, and one of the best ways is to tell a friend or your family before you start your journey. Tell the names of your traveling companion, the place or the name of the river which would you explore; at which point you will begin and at what point you will end your trip when you plan to arrive at the right destination and stop your plans. You should also include phone numbers important to be in contact when you can not arrive on time as planned.

Dangers of Dysentery in Your Body

Mild bacterial dysentery can heal itself in a few days, with adequate rest and maintaining body fluid intake. It is important to drink frequently, even in small amounts, especially in children. However, avoid giving children fruit juice or soft drinks, because it can make diarrhea worse. If the patient is severely dehydrated, the doctor will give replacement fluid through an IV. You can also get ehlp from the Best Urgent Care in Macomb MI.

In elderly patients or who are prone to dehydration, the doctor will give ORS. ORS serves to replace salt, sugar, and minerals that are lost from the body due to dehydration. Please note, even though it is able to handle and prevent dehydration, ORS does not treat diarrhea.

In addition to maintaining body fluids, it is important to eat small, light solid foods. But avoid heavy, fatty and spicy foods. Giving solid food to dehydrated children should be delayed until signs of dehydration have stopped. If the child does not want or has difficulty eating, still fulfill the child’s fluid needs until the appetite returns to normal.

In addition to the method above, patients can also use over-the-counter medicines. Some types of drugs that can be used to relieve stomach cramps and diarrhea and paracetamol to relieve pain and fever. Avoid using drugs that slow down the intestines, such as loperamide, because it will worsen symptoms.

In severe bacterial dysentery, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics such as ciprofloxacin. However, giving antibiotics risks making the bacteria causing diarrhea resistant to antibiotics prescribed. Immediately contact your doctor if symptoms persist, even after taking antibiotics. As for treating ameba dysentery, doctors will prescribe drugs such as metronidazole, to kill parasites that cause diarrhea.

Dysentery in infants and children causes rapid dehydration. Therefore, it is recommended to drink a lot to replace lost body fluids. It is important to pay attention to signs of dehydration, especially if the child is under 1 year of age, or under 2 years old but with low birth weight. Beware of the possibility of dehydration if the child has 5 diarrhea and 2 times vomited within 24 hours or suddenly stops breastfeeding.

A Teacher From China Rows His Boat For 10 Years For His Student’s Education

Infrastructure limitations are a matter of concern. Especially for rural areas. They are willing to walk tens of kilometers just to buy food or maybe go to school. However, because these rights sparked inspiring stories and endless struggles. The same thing happened in the Dazu area, Chongqing, China. A teacher for the past 10 years was willing to row a boat to bring his students to school. Aside from that, if you love kayaking, then perhaps you need to check out the best Kayak Parts for Sale Online.

Actually, this situation arose after the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River was completed and fully operational in 2012. However, since the construction began in 1994, the water level around the Dazu district has risen and now around the area, the Xiangshuitan dam has been established. Unfortunately, the Dazu district children’s school is opposite the new dam. To reach school, the children need two hours to circle the dam.

In 2007, Li Congshu (60) had the idea of making a wooden boat. Without hesitation, he used his own money to make a boat. After the boat was finished, Li then used it to pick up his students. By boat, the trip to the school only takes about 30 minutes.

Not only providing a boat, but Li also prepared a life jacket for the safety of his students. Every morning, Li left his home at around 07.30 local times and walked 20 minutes to the dock where the boat was moored. He then began rowing to the other side of the dam to pick up the 13 students who were waiting. After school hours, Li then drove the children home.

All Li did voluntarily and without charging anything at all. When asked why he was willing to row to pick up his students, Li only said he was happy to see the children able to study at school.

Home Inspection School for Special Inspections in Riverside CA Criteria

Special inspections in Riverside CA home inspectors specialize in lead testing and swimming pool, asbestos and carbon monoxide testing, also termite inspection. You can choose certain programs which emphasis on your specialty area. Home inspection school offered a certificate for graduates with 2-yesr degree in building inspection and code enforcementor building construction. You can also seek out and apply programs that courses for business, like marketing and communication or sales.

Before you apply some courses in home inspectioms school, it is better for you to know the criteria that requires. Here’s the criteria of home inspection school you need to know.

Home Inspection School Criteria for Special Inspections in Riverside CA

1. Certification courses

Special inspections in Riverside CA for school criteria is the certification courses. Certification preparation course may needed for you who want to gain skill in home inspection and experiences by working in the field. This course typically designed to sub-specialize the career and professional exprience in construction. You will get an approved certificate at the end of courses program. The certificate program you may apply is much broader 2-year degree program.

2. The Inspector Specialty ..

As the home inspctors, you should have specialize in such areas, like plumbing, radon testing, asbestos removal, electrical systems, and mold remediation. So, it is important for you to find and choose the right shool that offers training in certain specialty field you are interested in. If you are currently self-employed, you can take another program that includes business courses, such as sales or marketing and communication.

That’s the school criteria for home inspection of special inspections in Riverside CA you need to know. It is better for you to find anf choose the right school to provide the high standard for specialty and certifications.

Pay Attention To The Situation And Conditions When Fishing At The Sea

Many factors that we can consider when deciding to go fishing.
Having fishing rod storage racks at home is a feature if we have been through fishing for a long time and have enough experience too.
Situations and conditions are the external factors that can influence fishing activities in the sea.
It needs a strong feeling to be able to read the right situations and conditions so that we can determine the time and place to start fishing in the sea.
Because of the situation and conditions that need to be considered as fishing in the sea.

Tide time is affected by the position of the moon and sun.
Tides affect the emergence of ocean currents, the greater the low tide difference with high tides, then the higher the current will appear.
The speed of ocean currents has a major impact on fish activity.
This also creates a potential danger if it is still fishing in conditions like this.
Try to find a place with water conditions that are not shallow and current conditions that have not been great.

Wind velocity
Very fast speed affects our safety when fishing on the high seas using a boat.
The wind speed will make the fish grow because the wind causes waves and currents that will attract small organisms to the water and tempt fish to emerge.

Clarity of sea water
The clarity of seawater needs to be calculated when we are fishing in the sea.
The amount of garbage will cause the fish to decrease. The best time is when the sea water is clear and bright blue. And the sun shines hot during the day.

Seawater flow
Know the current of seawater is not only affected by the wind speed of the current downstream.
Like the wind, seawater moves from cold temperatures to warmer temperatures.
The indicators are seen by using fishing techniques in the deep sea whether tin and hook touch the sea floor or by looking at the slope of the fishing line that we hold, the more tilted the stronger the current.

Best Special Inspections in Upland CA You Should Know

Special inspections are provided who inspect and monitoring the workers to finally make reports. All assigned work should be approved with plans and specifications. Special Inspections in Upland CA will hire professional special inspector from certified agencies. There are a lot of best special inspections that provide a high quality of services. So, make sure you can choose there right for your construction project.

If you are living in Upland CA and need to hire special inspections service, here’s the list of best special inspections you need to know.

3 Best Special Inspections in Upland CA

1. California Inspection Authority

California Inspection Authority is one of the best and trusted special inspections in Upland CA. Established in 2018, they provide special inspection services in your house like doing testing, asbestos, and mold. This special inspection has live video integration on-site reporting software with no additional cost. California Inspection Authority services are available in Los Angeles, Orange County, Lake Forest, Huntington Beach, Torrance, Rancho Cucamonga and many more.

2. Hugs Quality Inspections

Hugs Quality Inspections specialized in commercial or residential building and home inspections services. They offer you additional services such as lead testing, environment mold inspection, and asbestos testing. Located in Bellflower Blvd, California, they become one of trusted special inspection you need to hire the best special inspector.

3. Steve Griffins Constructions

One of the best special inspection in Upland CA is Steve Griffins Constructions. This special instructor offers you with several duties such as full roofing contractor, remodel, HVAC installation, solar installation. Steve Griffins Constructions deliver personal results to so many construction project sizes. They have been serving not only in Upland but southern California like 29 Palms, Yucca Valley, Hesperia, Victorville, Blythe, Covina, etc.

Are you interested to check them out? Don’t worry they’re trusted and serve only the best quality for special inspections in Upland CA.

Trusted Special Inspections For Your Architectural Systems

As we know if it requires a lot of experts in developing a building.
The quality of a building is not only determined by the best materials but also reliable workers and supervisors.
You can rely on Special Inspections in Irvine CA when you are looking for experts to check your building’s architecture system.
It is important to know the quality of the system architecture? To find out, you may have to understand first.

The system architecture is the application of a description of the infrastructure to be created including the characteristics, habits, and concepts.
Many factors are considered when making a “blueprint” of a building so that it requires a system that can facilitate its implementation.
The importance of experience and how to approach this problem can be seen in the presence of various opinions that continue to grow and are not yet satisfactory.
It has been widely felt that the complexity of various problems and combined with various contemporary buildings cannot be penetrated satisfactorily by a vague arrangement of the scope of its architecture.
This tends to be a weakness in its development. To find out the various problems of today’s buildings, the world of architecture has sought to expand the number and kinds of information.
The behavior of various structures, the operation of various mechanical systems, as a result of the microclimate both physically and socially and visible behavior and various human needs.
Besides, there are word configurations and world coaching architects who have been united in the architectural sphere.
It has been found that some factors that have not been considered at all must now be taken into account in building planning.

With the advancement of technology, the amount of knowledge and standard of living continues to grow.
When viewed based on architectural functions and systems, all of these additions to the role of architecture will greatly advance the success of architectural solutions and in fact, do indeed apply.
But the number of factors that must be considered continues to grow, the number of possible relationships continues to multiply.
A system quickly emerges that contains so many reflections of architectural effects so that the feeling of intuition can be used as a reliable solution.

You Can Do These Tips To Repair Cracks On Concrete At Home

Repairing wide concrete cracks sometimes requires precision and skill. Wide concrete cracks must be reduced by using a small hammer and chisel. Widening cracks should be the first step to creating a key surface where concrete patches can be placed and safer and more reliable repairs can be done. In the meantime, you may also call the trusted Special Inspections in Redlands CA when you need experts to inspect the quality of your concrete works.

Now cracking concrete has a broader base to remove all dirt using a wire brush, damp cloth, or vacuum to get rid the tiny particles that will not allow the adhesive to bond with the concrete surface.

Mix the concrete fill complex that will be used to repair the concrete cracks. Remember that each product contains specific instructions for use from the manufacturer. After the concrete fillings are mixed, pour the liquid into the crack. Start by flattening the mixture to remove any remaining air that might still be between the concrete surface and the filling compound.

Complete patching patches that have been used to repair the concrete. Smooth the mixture with a shovel, and wait for the fillings to finish. After the patch has been arranged, smooth or brush the surface to fit the existing surface.

After patching the concrete, a good idea to do is to close it. The concrete easily absorbs stains and this closure will prevent it.

Note: Small particles will fly into the air, so it is very important to always wear a mask.

In addition, repairing narrow concrete gaps is easier than fixing wide cracks if only the recommended product is used.

Start by removing the debris that is released from the concrete crack that will be repaired. Use a wire brush and remove all dust and paint from the concrete surface around it. Rinse the area using a hose or a bucket of water. Then let it dry.

Narrow concrete cracks can be filled using elastomeric fillers or filler stones that can be applied using a putty knife. However, small cracks of concrete or narrow cracks can also be repaired using a concrete vinyl patching compound that is applied over the cracks and then smoothed with a putty knife.

Avoid Adverse Side Effects When Using Essential Oil

Besides having beauty benefits, essential oils are also known to be good for health. But behind the good benefits, you also need to be careful in its use. As is known, the essential oil is a highly concentrated oil from various parts of the plant, where to obtain 10 kg of essential oil distillation must be done from 10 tons of raw material. That’s why even using it may not be arbitrary. You can get the best tinh dau thien nhien gia si on our website.To keep the essential oils safe and provide the benefits you need, find out what things to avoid when using essential oils.

– Does Not Pay Attention to the Application Method

Essential Oil can be used in various ways. Starting from being applied topically to the skin, inhaled, until consumed directly. Each method of use has things that must be considered first. For topical application to the skin, there are 3 things you need to pay attention to, namely dilution ration, daily dose recommendation (RDD), and duration of use (duration guidelines). These three things are important to do to prevent skin irritation. Information about the dilution ratio, RDD, and duration guidelines can be found on the internet or follow the instructions on the packaging.

– Not Finding Out About Side Effects

Essential oils on the market generally have secure certification. However, you still need to pay attention to the possible side effects of each essential oil. Besides being able to cause various reactions to the body, essential oils can also react to drugs that are being used. If you have a medical condition such as high blood pressure, epilepsy, and other diseases that require regular drug consumption, you should consult a specialist doctor first.

– Using Sensitive Oil Against the Sun When Will Be Outdoor Activities

Another mistake when using essential oils is to use photosensitive oil when outdoors. The combination of photosensitive oil and sunlight can cause permanent damage to the skin. Some types of oil that have photosensitive properties include Angelica Root, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Rue, and Mkamurin Leaf. In addition to inflamed skin, phototoxicity can cause several symptoms such as sunburn, darkening of the skin, edema, to blisters that generally appear within 36 hours. If you have to use photosensitive oil, make sure the skin area is not exposed to UV light within 12-18 hours.

Sky Everton Showflat, Suite You Expected To Live In Luxury

Sky Everton showflat is an apartment that you claim. Despite the fact that you have a home area, you need to give a lobby and stop to your family owner. This helps the general public who have a lower expenditure plan to buy a house.

Sky Everton showflat is easy because there are various alternatives. However, you must guarantee a number of things before deciding. Many people are confused between the expression “townhouse” and “condo”. In Singapore, an increase in private attics will be delegated to an apartment suite if the absolute site area of ??personal progress exceeds an area of ??around 40,000 square feet. Despite the fact that other townhouses are similar to other attics, regularly increasing condos may have offices that are increasingly collective but may not be located in a perfect world like the main city attic.

The Sky Everton showflat is to check how many suite apartment units as can be expected in these circumstances. When the scope of your decision extends, you have a better chance of finding the ideal apartment suite. Sky Everton showflat won’t help you. Before you chase another townhouse, make a rundown of the things you will need. For example, if the recreation office is the one you need most, make sure that the repairs have a swimming pool and training center. You also need to ensure that the structure has appropriate access to shopping centers, restaurants, schools and transportation offices.

Sky Everton showflat Apartments and condominiums in urban zones are very popular. So apartments in the city will get a higher month-to-month rental rate than rural apartments. You cannot stop it effectively because there are always other residents who are willing to give that value. Then again, apartment suites are better than individual homes too. When you buy a house, you need to cut the garden, keep the outside of the house and for the good of the god, you have to paint the yard. Townhouses will mitigate you from all that and will give you all the fun you might dream of. The main concern to remember when buying an apartment suite is the expenditure limit. Never under any circumstances choose an attic or other townhouse that you cannot manage. If you do that, it will seriously hurt you later.

As you most likely realize, Sky Everton showflat are not a big imagination. In line with this, you need an executive room in every place. In the kitchen, make a ledge that is thought to be reasonable with basic equipment working. Ensure that various machines are also productive spaces. You might not have a spacious bathroom like you expected. Design toiletries and towels appropriately and arrange objects that are underutilized in the storage room. Add a few shelves and retire in your room to make them roomy.

The Comparison Between Wood And Steel Constructions

Before starting construction in a big city, first, know these choices. Costs are also important, but security is still the most important. In the end, which construction will be safer? Is the construction of wood or steel that will last longer? Aside from that, before we continue, you may call the best Special Inspections in Ontario CA if you need experts to inspect the result of your steel and concrete construction project.

This small investigation will find out whether steel in big cities is the best solution for planning your building. Steel material has become increasingly popular in recent years, which is the first indication that wood has become increasingly unpopular as a building material. Construction with wood materials also requires routine maintenance and can be more expensive than construction using steel.

It is interesting to see how buildings using steel construction can be easily and quickly established. The construction process is so fast that you sometimes doubt whether this building will be strong enough and safe. Actually, buildings with steel construction are very strong, this is due to the use of the latest technology in making materials. The construction industry has grown very rapidly in the last few decades, and now the increase is almost happening every day.

No need to be in doubt; steel will be stronger than wood. This material is so strong that it can withstand more pressure than wood. This is a distinct advantage, especially in areas prone to natural disasters. Steel building materials are very durable, and buildings that use them as the material will be very difficult to collapse. Although some types of wood are very strong and sturdy, they still have risks because often the construction uses only nails or screws to connect them. Breaking a piece of wood is also much easier than splitting steel plates, another reason why you should choose mild steel as a construction material compared to wood.

Side Effects of Drug Addiction

Narcotics give opium to the wearers. A drug addict cannot get away from this illicit item. A number of side effects will be felt by drug users if he does not take drugs for a certain period of time. These side effects are divided into two, namely emotional effects and physical effects. To stop using drugs, you can visit the substance abuse treatment center. We will help you or your relatives get rid of drugs.

Emotional side effects of drug use include:

Inconsistent mood
Difficulty concentrating
Abnormal sleep cycle
Desire to commit suicide

While the side effects of drugs related to physical conditions consist of:

Painful body
Disorders of eye contact
The skin looks pale

If all this time you or your relatives use drugs and feel the things above, you might be at the stage of drug addiction. Immediately see a medical expert or rehabilitation institution so that you can apply how to treat drug addicts as explained.

When you are addicted to drugs, everything becomes difficult and takes a long time to recover. Therefore, as much as possible avoid things that have the potential to lead you to drugs. Some tips for avoiding opium drugs such as:

Get busy with positive activities
Avoid promiscuity
Strengthen faith by diligently worshiping
Embed the mindset that drugs are just a moment of pleasure, the rest is a disaster

Of all the stories and news that we often hear and witness, there is no such thing as drug addicts having a happy life. They all experience what is called anhedonia, which is the body’s inability to feel pleasure due to low dopamine levels. Moreover, drugs only accelerate our death. How to treat drug addicts already exists. However, why undergo a long and torturous healing process if we can avoid ourselves from drugs?