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Some examples of fraud in the stock business

The target of investment fraud is also diverse, but most are those who do not have knowledge about investment. Therefore, it is important for anyone to know the forms of deception under the guise of investment. On the other hand, the public must also know what are the conditions for an institution in order to become an investment institution legally. Meanwhile, you can check out Mira Markets fraude to have more info about avoiding frauds in Stock Exchange.

Here are two examples of schemes or the guise of commonly used investment fraud. After that, you will be invited to know more clearly about the legal requirements of investment institutions.

Ponzi Scheme

Ponzi scheme is chained up to be difficult to capture the brain or main players. The trick is that someone offers an investment with a great return. Then the first person who succeeded in being put into this scheme became the right hand and needed to invite others again, and so on.

At first, this person will receive what is promised, which is the profit from the investment. But what the victim does not realize is the profit they receive is money from the next people who invited. If this chain breaks out, then the promised benefits will stop anyway. The first person to build the chain will go with the money already earned from the network under it.

The main culprit or the person who started this is difficult to catch and the one usually caught is the right-hand man. One thing you should remember that Ponzi Scheme is not Multi Level Marketing (MLM). The Ponzi scheme does not have a clear product, either in the form of goods or services. Only the promise of investment with a very high profit.

HYIP Investment (High Yield Investment Program)

This investment model promises high returns. For example, you are invited to invest $ 20,000 with a 20% appointment of business results per month. Then the promised business is a business of coal, oil, or business-based technology that is difficult for you to monitor.

It’s not all HYIP business is a scam, it’s just that you should be more careful if you get an offer to invest. If the investment offers a profit share that is too high, then you should be suspicious.

Consumption of Five Meals To Increase Testosterone Levels In The Body

For men, the hormone testosterone is a hormone that can differentiate it from women. in women, the hormone is present but not as much in the male body. Many argue that fasting boosts testosterone. The phrase is reinforced by some research that states that fasting can indeed increase testosterone levels in the male body.

Lots of people who really want to increase the hormone in their bodies. In fact, there are some people who consume supplements that can increase the hormone. in fact, there are some foods that you often encounter that also can increase the hormone. some of the food in question is

1. Pumpkin seeds
This is a simple diet that apparently contains a lot of zinc is very instrumental in the formation of the hormone. insert the pumpkin seeds into your diet alma and mix it with milk protein you normally consume to make it taste more delicious.

2. Coconut
Coconut is a very large source of unsaturated fats, saturated naturally does not play a role that important in the formation of testosterone in the body. By incorporating coconut into your diet, you may raise your testosterone levels naturally.

3. Almonds
It becomes a delicious food and has many functions to increase testosterone levels. Almond peanuts are rich in magnesium that can affect the production of testosterone in your body. You may add it to the bread you normally eat or to the protein milk you can drink, in order to have a better taste.

4. Strawberry
In addition to having a very high levels of vitamin C strawberries are rich in antioxidants that can reduce the hormone cortisol which causes muscle shrinkage after being trained hard. Increased hormone cortisol can decrease the production of the hormone testosterone so that by consuming a lot of strawberries can keep the hormone levels testosterone always in the optimal state.

5. Shrimp
Eating seafood especially shrimp can increase vitamin D levels in your body. Vitamin D has a direct relationship with the formation of the hormone testosterone.

Scoring the big profits on Amazon by selling e-books

Well, it turns out there is a smart way that I think to be able to generate dollars through Amazon, not as an affiliate but as a seller. The goods we sell are not physical goods (hard to handle delivery) but in the form of digital products that is the ebook. Just so you know, with us selling products on Amazon, there are millions of affiliates from around the world who are ready to promote our products. When it comes down to e-books, you may want to read the amazing selling machine to improve your selling skills on Amazon.

We do not need to confuse promotion, setting up blogs (need domains and hosting) or implement SEO. Just prepare the digital products, other affairs we submit to the Amazon system that has proven successful. Why should we sell digital products?

That is the law of selling digital products, we do not need tired-tired take care of the delivery of goods because the buyer lives transfer and download only the product. One of the market digital products that are trending in the Amazon is Kindle Direct Publishing can be said that a kind of ebook (electronic book).

And it turns out, one of the master internet marketers in Asia is secretly already doing business is good news he wants to share all the techniques, ranging from research the product category is the trend, how to make and its converter software also been prepared, until how to sell it described in detail and complete.

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There are several reasons why this business system is PROFITABLE

1. Competition is still small

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5. There are about 30 million Kindle already sold on Amazon this is a tremendous market potential

6. Advances in technology where people prefer to buy books that can be directly downloaded rather than send no more anxiety from buyers in case goods are not sent (seller cheats buyer is highly unlikely)