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Record Events From Your Car Dashboard

You are driving a car. At a lonely intersection, you’ve clearly seen the green light. Because it’s quiet, you’re moving the car a little faster. Unexpectedly, from the right side, there is a motor breaking a red light, speeding up. And, the collision was not inevitable. Motor and family users, insist on suing you for compensation. Sucks? Yes. You are right but “forced” to be wrong because there are no witnesses. A dashboard camera is an answer for you. A dashboard camera is a car camera that is equipped with DVR. Its usefulness is, of course, to record the activity of the road in front of you, to tracking routes, speed and record conversations in the car. Get more information about it by visiting https://vdashcam.com.

Just one button, and record automatically before and after the event. Actually how to use dashboard camera is so simple. You do not need to set this and that to bother by pressing many buttons. No. Just one recording button only, and the car camera is ready to accompany your drive. But, often, there are important events that you can not even press a single button. Please drive calmly, because if an accident, the car camera is still ready to record without you pressing anything! Thanks to G-sensor technology. The G-sensor will start recording automatically in case of sudden braking, excessively high speed, and acceleration changes. The G-sensor works 60 seconds before and after the event, gan. If for example you drive and do not turn on the car camera, the G-sensor will still automatically turn on the camera when it detects sudden brakes for example.

The built-in GPS in the camera lets you easily track your car’s presence. So, you know where the driver takes the car while on duty, complete with route, speed, driving time and recording of his speech. In the purchase, package includes a CD containing the software to install on your laptop or PC. This software is used for you to see the results of your car camera video, complete with tracking routes, and speed. Already support satellite view also. So not just a map with dots only, but you can know the car route with more accurate.

Learn These Three Intelligent Ways To Play Games

For leisure time, many people choose to play games online. Of the many types of games they can play, they usually choose to play online games. there are some games that need a card to get the benefits, you can get the card by using appnana code. By having the card you need, then you can get various benefits when you play these games.

Indeed, there are still many people who think that games only adversely affect many aspects of life. However, if you know how smart to play games, then you will not get a bad impact on the games you play. Some smart ways you can do in playing games is.

1. Limit Game Time
In addition to playing games, you definitely have a lot of other activities you have to do and finish. For that, try to limit your time in playing games so that other activities you have not abandoned just like that. Gameplay activities that are not controlled will destroy various aspects of your life and certainly not good for your overall health.

2. Avoid Games That Make You Unable to Control Emotions
In fact, many gamers are fighting in real life because they feel defeated and failed while playing the game online. They end up not boss controlling emotions and arguing even in their real life. This should be greatly avoided because it will not have a good impact on your social life.

3. Do not Spend Much Money
Many games are not free, in other words, you have to pay some money to get to the next level and other things. You have to keep yourself from being easily tempted by it and will make you spend the money you have.

Whatever activity you are doing and something you like will not get you in a safe area if you do not know how to use the time properly. So, take your time for something you really need.

Know Some Interesting Facts Of Patchouli Essential Oil Here

Did you know that patchouli leaves have many uses? Patchouli leaves are usually converted into essential oil patchouli has many uses that you can take. However, many people who do not know the interesting facts about oil and patchouli leaves. If you want to know more about the patchouli leaves and oils, you can read them at organicdailypost.com. with the number of information that exists on the website, you will know for sure what are the benefits of essential oil patchouli.

There are some interesting facts that you should know from patchouli oil, such as

1. Regular patchouli oil is used to relieve stress suffered by someone. With the right dosage, essential oil was able to provide peace and comfort for one’s mind.

2. The essential oil is also able to help eliminate the smell of sweat that is very disturbing in the body.

3. Reduce acne. Patchouli essential oil was able to reduce the presence of acne on the face. This is because the oil contains patchouli alcohol compounds as the main content of the patchouli leaf that has been processed become patchouli oil. The content acts as an antibacterial and anti-fungal that inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria that can be used as an inhibitor of acne growth and eliminate it.

4. In fact, the scent of patchouli leaf that has become essential oil patchouli can be used as a perfume and aromatherapy.

5. Dysentery disease suffered by some people who have digestive disorders can also be removed by this essential oil.

The many benefits provided by this essential oil of patchouli will make you understand why you should have this oil. Of all the uses it has, in great terms, this oil has a therapeutic aroma that is able to calm and make your mind comfortable. This then makes it processed in addition to a very distinctive perfume and aromatherapy. So, if you do not want to use it as oil, you can use it as a perfume. Look for the perfume that does contain essential oil patchouli in it.

Seizing the Heart of Women Who Have Got Boyfriend, Is It Possible?

Generally, men think women dreams as a prey. They work hard to reach the love of the idol of the heart until it can. Either does through chat rooms or directly. But what if the woman already has a boyfriend? Want to back off, or move on?

There are some men who choose to surrender and retreat. But there are also unyielding. For those men who are determined to pursue their dream woman, you must realize that usually, women will be difficult to glance at another man if her heart has anchored. Only if she is unhappy, then you may still have a chance to attract her sympathy.

Remember also she will not fall in love with you unless you prove yourself better than her boyfriend in all aspects. Try to be her best friend and do not rush to force her to be her lover. Here are the stages to open up opportunities for women who already have lovers lured to you!

1. Introspection
Ask yourself, “Am I better than her lover?” If yes, then you have a chance. But if the answer is no, just stop your desire to approach let alone have it.

2. Express the affection
Have you ever had the chance to drive him home? Have you ever helped her do something, or give her a gift? That’s the best way to show your affection for him. Make her always comfortable while being with you.

3. Take a chance
Take advantage of the opportunity when the girlfriend is away from him. When she needs someone and his lover is busy elsewhere, take the opportunity to be by his side and prove you are better than his girlfriend.

4. Respect
Try to show you respect it. But at the same time, do not let you look like you’re planning on entering her life. It is because if she realizes that, she will get away from you.

5. Wait for the right time
Wait for the right time. If she feels ups and downs in her relationship, you’ll probably be the first person she calls. Let you pour out her heart and be a good listener. After, try your luck by expressing your feelings toward her.